Monday, February 23, 2009

Another loudsy week for me

well .... back to work already 2 weeks , the first week is killing me cos everything come up at the same time Aden got Chic pox then I find out I have not enough food to start my daily cooking on the first week becos my cover cook didn't order enough for me .
the next thing is my boss ask me to look into the food budges , again the cover cook over spend it and now in |REAL BIG RED .
I got to spend my home time to look at all the food price list and all the menu gosh ..... also all the sleepless night with Aden .
this week I get all the thing back to normal and my work is smooth Aden is getting better and pretty face had return thank god :P
then .... I got to work during weekend from Friday to Saturday night and Sunday afternoon . this week I don't have to work on Sat becos my MUM IN LAW come to visit us on Friday and on sat we all go to visit our big brother in law and his girlfriend .
well ... tell you want ... AGE is getting on to me ... I use to work few job lot of hour it don't make me tire ... now I tak boleh tahan anymore so tire .
On Friday first day return to work in the restaurant, Gosh ! all the walking and moving fast ect ...... by the night finish my feet is killing me, so tire and pain I can't get to sleep the whole night. so luck on sat I don't have to work if I do I die la. then on Sunday noon I went to work at 12pm until 4.30pm gosh my feet is so pain I come back I need to rub my feet with herb oil to stop the pain.
I need to help my friend to work in the restaurant for 4 weeks every Friday to Sunday ... I hope when I finish this 4 weeks I still a life :(

OLD OLD already can't flight the Age


sassymama said...

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Let's get sassy, mamas! xoxo

dawn said...

Pearly, i know what you mean with the tired feet after hours in the restaurant. I am that way too. The worse is when I need to work 4 days in a row. I hope you will get enough rest. Yes, age is definitely catching up with me too.

winniethepooh said...

wow so much to take care of urself too huh.

Rose said...

hahah! Guess age does catching up huh? I also feel the same. cannot do those normal things without tiring out.

pearly said...

hi dear :
Dawn winnie and rose . oh yes ,I totally agree , I am so tire .... every day I wake up I think of how nice I can get back in the bed to sleep again :)

just hope really hope the week goes fast :(
thank for pop in to visit me my dear friend have a lovely day xxxxx
pearly with love to you all xxxx