Saturday, February 14, 2009


*Picture Aden at nursery *

Monday .... 9Feb 2009 .
Aden first day to the Nursery with me , is heavy snow , my little noddy car is too small to drive around those thick snow .so hubby bring us to work and lucky no job for him afternoon all skol closed so my other 3 kids also stay at home with daddy .
Aden enjoy himself very much at the nursery everyone just give him lot of cuddle , then when I finish work hubby pick me up , then he say he is not happy Aden keep coughing must call DR . so we did , arrive DR and he check Aden and give him antibiotic I spot so,e pox around Aden . ask the Dr wat is this I haven't see this morning , Dr say is just a rash no worry ./
next day .... wake up early look at the window still very heavy snow and kids skol still closed hubby say will bring me to work and Aden . I change Aden and find more spot on him , still didn't get into me it may be chix pox ..
arrive to work drop off Aden in his baby room and next thing Helen Aden care nurse come into my kitchen say ... She think Aden had got Chic pox .....

HERE to more pic

it my second day work I have got tog of thing to do , I can't bring Aden home ,
I told my boss , I got to stay until work finish , there say tomorrow Aden can't come in
as for me I have lot of order to do and cooking I am sooooo mad , also tonight hubby will go away to London to stay over night for meeting , holy shhhhh
who can help me ????
I call around lucky my friend Ena say to me is OK she can help me in the morning she don't have to go in to work until 11am so ......
on Wednesday I drop of Aden to Ena at 7am and go in to work early so I can finish on time .
guess wat then ????
next thing I got a text from hubby ...... oliver walk with steph to the bus stop this morning and full down and hurt himself in lot of pain . hubby is in London he get worry when he got the text I am at work can't get out ... I call Ena get her to check out for me cos hubby ask 2 kids to walk home not to go to skol .
Ena call me and say Oliy is ok now no worry she Will have them too . THANK GOD
so I just got to do my job as fast as I can .
I didn't get finish work until 12.30pm
then the next day ......
Aden still can't get into work with me I am really stuck ...!
HOLY shhhhh
Lucky Evelyn say she don't mind can have Aden for me so I wait until 8.30am drop off Aden to Evelyn and go into work until 3pm .
then I say to my boss I can't find any one on Friday to have Aden he got to come in with me to work . boss say ok thank god cos I really can't find anyone .. we don't have family stay around us, also there wouldn't come even we do ask .

I think all this year I am very very lucky I have got lot of good/ Best friend around me when I really need there are there for me ALWAYS .
I really got to say a BIG THANK TO THEM .... ALL THIS YEARS .ESPECIALLY EVELYN AND HER FAMILY when I need her.... she always give me a helping hand xxxxxthank my dear friend


Salt N Turmeric said...

Oh my! Poor Aden and you and Oliver! Look at his face with all those red dots. His eyes are so big! lol.

I feel for you Pearly. Im sure its not easy when you have kids and infant and no family around to help you. Thank god for the good friends!

Aiyah Nonya said...

Poor you. What a week !
I hope Aden and Oliver will get better soon.

Take care.

Barbara said...

You poor gal,
I don't know who to hug first; it is really a bad time for you all.
Poor Aden ; he will get over this but, all children have to be careful around him.
I could hug Aden; I already had chicken pox.

Thank God for good friends around your home.

Hang in there honey.

Rose said...

So, is it chicken pox??

pearly said...

many thank to all my lovely friend Farina , Mae, Barbara and Rose xxxx
thank god Aden is getting better now and Oliver too .
I am back to my work rotting , still very tire , after a long rest at home back to work a bit stress but I am so glad to I am back and keep my feet busy also the same time I can pop in and out to check on Aden .
will be back to up date soon xxxxxxx

Sasha said...

oh man..........what a bad week and poor aden. *sayang aden* U hang in there pearls, everything will be okay soon.

pearly said...

thank you so much Sasha dear I will :)

winniethepooh said...

hope oliver and aden are both better..and indeed, its is a blessing to hv such wonderful friends who really help u when needed! 3 cheers to good friends!