Saturday, January 31, 2009

CAN'T SLEEP ........

Well Is 4.30am in the morning now ,I wake up at 3 am and start to do house work put up the laundry and check on Aden , then try to get back to sleep but just can't get to sleep . my heard is full of thing , so many thing happen to me with my family my sister and my self problem ect ..............,

Also after next week will be back to work and been off for few mouths, I get worry I can't coupe with baby and work and more work , cos by the end of Feb, I also got to help one of my girl friend *who going back to Malaysia for holiday * work for 4 night a week at the restaurant , I am worry I can't work as good as wat I use to be and also now a day I get tire all the time , plus lost lot of weight after give birth to Aden I am now 53 kg , Before I pregnant I was 58kg ,lost the mood of eating too same day I only eat one meal a day , food go into my mouths I just feel I want to sick out , some night I just wake up and can't get back to sleep like now , lot of thing on my mind , lot of thinking to do ......

House is a bit empty today , cos steph went away to Spain with her Grand NANA and aunt JO and aunt Suzie for weekend holiday , this is her first time go away as a big girl without us , she send me a text and tell me ,she safely arrive and she enjoy for the shopping trip and she love the Spanish ppl life style she also say Spanish's have good test of their cloth , I do hope she enjoy and will learn lot on this trip to grown up a bit too.
this trip is a treat from her NANA to her , kind of miss her a bit without her around , do feel a bit different when she is not around .
Gosh! only One day she's away , she and JO leave home yesterday at 4 am in the morning, Derek bring them to the airport at 4 am and went to work , is a very long day for Derek too , he's out from 4 am and return at 7pm , I am so worry he will over tire and fall a sleep on the road when he driving, it happen before a few time , it really WORRY ME in big time EVERY TIME HE COME BACK AND TELL ME ...... *HE FULL A SLEEP* .

Now .... I am lost .....I don't know wat I want to write , I have so many to write when I lye in bed but when I get up now I don't know wat to write .

Aden now can turn and he getting very cheeky too , when I angry with him he know also he will return a cheeky smile back to me , time really go fast , he already 5 mouths plus .

I don't know wat to write now , I think is time to get back to bed try to sleep if I can .

Good morning England

Have a lovely weekend ..... I hope ..... got to baby sit for my friend this morning another she will drop her son off at 10 am ,cos she need to go to work no one look after her son , so he is coming to play with Brandon one of Brandon friend , mum will collect him at 6 pm :(
better go to bed now ........

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