Monday, January 12, 2009

News from US

Lated News
about us
we all fine and kids are well
thank god
me :(

Not in the mood
very tire
plus this little one below

is getting very pain in the bottom
he will scream for attention or need me to cuddle all the time
I am so tire
I hope by end of the mouth he will get into his routine
because I got to go back to work on Feb
so please please ADEN be good boy for mummy ok
sleep well and don't keep on wake up during midnight I will be very happy
if I got my night sleep I will be fine if not
HOLY .......sugar
I don't know how to do my work
may be add salt end up add sugar in the diner for those kids at work :P

just keep my finger cross
Aden will be good by that time .

I am getting very lazy everyday
no mood to blog about anything
I guess the weather is so cold and I'm having flu
is not a good time for me
this weekend we HAVE special guess come to visit
is my brother in law and his family
have a great time
with them

you can click


to kay poo


Barbara said...

Hi Pearly,
You are very impatient to get back to your own routine ! Yes ! I understand ;)
Too many things to do and too little time.

Your son is getting bigger and bigger in each photo.

Wishing you courage and a few moments for yourself.


Rose said...

Hi Pearly, I am also not having a good week so far! Down with sickness. Sigh!

Btw, I have picture meme for you, hope it brighten up the day for you! Take care ok??

Pls send my kisses to little Aden. He is getting adorable each day. :)

mommy of 3 angels said...

i have one of those exactly like ADEN....

so i can say this...Tough luck la...hahahahha

great pic though...he's so cute