Monday, September 29, 2008


He can be a sweet ANGEL
also can be a pain in the bottom
I dress him in a little boy cloths
he does look like a big boy

do you think he soooooo sweet
like a candy :)




he can be a little
angry babe

when he clam down
he turn into a
sweetie cup cake

like this make me wat to bite him


~ gR@ce ~ said...

yes,,...i wanna bite him...he is so adorable

dawn said...

He looks like a big boy in the big boy clothes. Very cute.

Salt N Turmeric said...

my heart melts everytime i see his pictures. ;)

Sue said...

Hi! He has grown fast..anyway, i might come and visit you soon...hehe

janicepa said...

gosh.. he is so cute lah .. i dun wan to bite him.. i wan to grab him back here..

Cat Cat said...

Aaaw, he is tooo cute... Very good looking boy.

Sasha said...

he look like a big big boy!

pearly said...

Grace dear :
this age is fun with tthme there just sooo cute and not do a lot that the thing .:)

pearly said...

Dawn dear:
Yeah huh ! derek say the same each time I put this set on him ,

pearly said...

Farina darling :
Is time to make one ...:)
your baby will be same too... very handsome ....:)and cute baby .:)

pearly said...

HI sue :
Hope you feeling better by now .
yeah will catch up with you soon , take care dear time does goes fast wek after week . soon I will be back to work in no time :P

pearly said...

Jan darling sis :
yes ! may be after your bb born you can bring your bb come to UK so all the bb can have some fun and you can cuddle him and I can cuddle your bb and ervin too I do miss ervin so much .

Rose said...

He is too cute for you to bite him! :p

pearly said...

cath sis dear :

Your kids also very pretty too you sooo lucky have 2 girls .
3 boys I will clim the wall .

pearly said...

Sasha dear :
my litle piggie today weight ... over 10lb in one week he put on 1 lb
you see he pig or not .

pearly said...

hi Rose dear :
you back in town , so glad to see you ,
I do feel like bite him some day when he put on his cheecky face .:P

Aiyah Nonya said...

so sweet.....