Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Aden will be 3 weeks old by tomorrow

Tomorrow Aden will be 3 weeks old
he have change lot ......
I feel so sorry for him the pass few day
he been poorly and we end up on last Friday got to bring him to the hospital ward to have a check on him
thank god ...... Dr say he is fine and we don't have to stay in the hospital
he off food and cry a lot .. end up is he had flu virus from his sis steph
this morning midwife come and weight him and say he is fine and he grown well too !

Took this picture this morning
he does look so much grown up
he will Lister to my voice and he will also look around when he hear his daddy voice too

I love this picture
he is a sweet baby I must say !


janicepa said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... VERY CUTE AR...

aden come.. yee yee oso wan to cuddle you..

owh .. i wish i m there.. ..aiyak!!!...

L'abeille said...

Aiyor Aiden is so cute! I think he has got your eyes :)

Moments In Time said...

Pearly, your little sweetie pie is such a leng-cai! So happy to hear that he's finally here and mommy and baby are doing good. You're so tough la, few days before give birth some more can cook nasi lemak!!! ha ha, me ah, want to die like that :) Anyways, hope the little one feels better soon!

aiyah nonya said...

The last picture is the best. He is sooooo....cute. Want to pinch his cheeks-lah
Hoeep he is feeling better now.

Salt N Turmeric said...

Poor Aden. Hope he'l start to eat again soon. He looks bigger than 3 weeks old!

Sasha said...

the last pic was as though he is thinking of something. CUTE!!!

pearly said...

jan babe :
come come you can give a cuddle to aden

pearly said...

L'abeille dear :
they all look like me when they bb but when they grown up ..... they all look like daddy side .
I turn into a looser

pearly said...

DEAR Saphrodites :

THANK FOR your lovely comment , wouldn't be long you will have a lovely bb comming to your home sweet home , I can't wait to see HE /SHE WILL BE A very lovely bb too .
oh yes ! about the nasi lemah . gosh .. I finish cooking and went into the hospital and didn't get out until aden born, so I didn't have the change to eat the naso lemah I crave for .wat a shame all those cooking .:(

pearly said...

Mae dear :
oh yes !I love this last picture , I think I will an larger it .... to put in a frame .
he is getting better now thank god !
all those sleepless night I get .

pearly said...

Farina dear :
Thank , he is getting better and eat well too , now he back to normal . he put on more weight too . he will turn into a fat boy sooon :P

pearly said...

SASHA darling :
yes .... like thinking , I wonder wat is in his mind ???

love this pict .
you should post up your little justin to up date for us .

dawn said...

Oh my, little Aden is just adorable. The last picture is like he is thinking hard! :)

winniethepooh said...

aden so cute :) doesnt matter look like who, as long as healthy tahts most important..and all ur kids look beautiful and handsome :))

i miss those baby's smell..so nice to smell hehehe :)

pearly said...

Dawn :
I always wonder... those little one.. DO thinking ??
I just love this picture . wish I know or he can tell me wat in his mind :P

pearly said...

winnie dear :
thank for pop over , wooo such a long time since u pop by .
yes ! you are right as long as there are healthy !
i do love to smell him especaily his little feet and hand :)

Moonlight_tears said...

whoa, he sure grow up a lot, he is getting more and more handsome everyday. Now I wish I could fly to visit everyone in UK....hugs to u and everyone.. miss u.