Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Confinement Food I make today ..............


I try to order some pig leg from the Chinese supermarket but turn out there don't have any ...
so I thought holy I love to eat this wat to do now ...
I call up one of my pal , who a chef at restaurant ask him can he order for me
he say no problem ... thank you so much AH HAN .
he is so kind not only order for me and clear up all those hair and wash and chop up into small piece for me so I can easy just cook it up .
he bring me a big box .
so I keep cooking and sharing around with my friend who live around me ..;0

The below ..soup is herbs soup .
I cook with spare rib
I have been drinking lot of soup since I didn't make lot of confinement food
like taking in lot of ginger ....
but I Drake lot of DOM wine too .
BRANDON also love this soup
he been drinking together with me ;) bless him


L'abeille said...

I loveeeeee the sourish PIG LEG especially when it's cook with hard boiled egg. They tasted yummy with rice :)

Sasha said...

haha i'm eating that everyday .... *cry*

janicepa said...

owh .. made me wanna eat those.. hungry dy !!

pearly said...

L'abeille dear :
you too huh , I love it with egg too but when I cook this I run out of egg. so the next pot I cook I will make sure there wil egg in it .
oh yes with warm boil rice I can eat a few bowl :P

pearly said...

Sasha darling :
hhhha you can't complain cos I am so admire you have a lady who look after u with all those cook food . I soooo wish I am in malaysia too .
so I don't have to cook for myself .

pearly said...

babe JAN :
wouldn't be long .... you can eat it everyday .

Aiyah Nonya said...

Ai say pearly, I love chue keok zhou. Yum yum...
You really know how to look after yourself. Pui fook, pui fook. :)

dawn said...

I love eating that pig's leg dish too, always very appetising.

pearly said...

Mae dear :
Very pitty for ppl like us no family around in oversea @(
if we don't DIY no one will , so must DIY LA .
You don't know how many phone call I have make to ask how to cook this and that .
I have been not doing all the real way , just do a little here an dthere only la @P


pearly said...

Dawn dear :
chue keok zhou yes my big time fever too . I call up so many tiem to my god mama in UK and ask her , so make sure I do it right ahhaa,
the next I want to cook is the spicy malaysia style one but this dish I must call to my mum for help for the recipe keekeeke