Friday, September 26, 2008


My kids love this and hubby too !
becos there love it so much and....... to get take away from Chinese restaurant or eat in the restaurant
it cost hell lot just for 1/4 duck with 6 pan cake ..gosh .
it cost £8
I can buy a whole duck for £7 and cook it to feed the whole family
but ... kkekek
I cook it and ..... for sale ...
SO kids can eat for free and I can make money with this too .
long story .. ...
I have my own catering business , be4 I preg with Aden I run a Private cater to private home party
I will go to their home to set up like a restaurant meal for 2 to 12 ppl
a full set of Chinese meal or a buffer party with 50 , there do pay me in good money , my call out feed is £150 to £200
not incl the food , those rich ppl wouldn't mind at all , after the meal there love it.
there ask me to make them my crispy duck .
my duck is pretty fat free compare with the restaurant there deep fry it ,so take the order and Cook it freeze it and sale it .
whatever I make my kids get to eat free , is lot of work involve , but ...... is worst it when I see my kids enjoy the food and I can earn some extra it does make me ....SMILE !
.yesterday I am very busy helping my friend baking cake for her cake stall and also help her to make benoffer pie for coffer to raise money for the *MARIE CURIE CANCER*
for this morning coffer morning
after all those busy hour we been baking and I have no time to cook diner for my kids and hubby then I remember Brandon on and on about haven't had crispy duck for long time .
so I bring it out from the freeze and put it in the oven to bake it for 45min ..
here come the crispy duck I also have pan cake in my freeze but I run out my sauce so I make IT fast and here serve . the duck , it suppose with spring onion and cucumber but ..... I run out of it
so I use ice berg salad instead

kids had no complain they pig it all ,
the whole duck and my friend and her son too !

if you like to know how to make ....... send me a e mail will give you the recipe !


Nux V said...

wow, your kids are blessed with good mum and great food! LOL!

Moonlight_tears said...

hello sistah, I am glad u and baby are fine now...eating good food, yum yum...miss u all, hope to catch with u soon.
PS. Aden is getting more and more handsome everyday. Wish I have a daughter so I can book ur Aden first to be my son in law heheheh.

Hugs, Nicole

ICook4Fun said...

Pearly, didn't know you have a catering business. That is good as you can get some extra pocket money and the kids also enjoy the food your prepare. I would love to have the roasted duck recipe. I will e.mail you. By the Aden is getting more and more handsome.

pearly said...

dear NuxV :
Thank for pop over , I got to...DIY. cost of level and food is so expensive in UK with 4 kids now .... every penny court ! :P

pearly said...

MY dear dear NIco :
I am sooooo sorry since you back from Holiday , I havn't get to chat iwth you cos... since Aden born my hours of sleep all gone up side down .
I wake up midnight try to feed him and all those every 3 hours feed . by the time I goes to bed .... is about 7am until 10am , is you bed time . hope to catch up with u sooooon miss u very much xxxxxxxxxxx
yes ! he is a big boy now ! I do wish to have a girl to marria your nicolas .... but :( .
you must fast fast preg to have a girl so my aden can marria her please :)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

pearly said...

dear Gert:
Yes ! I do have a catering business
and also a side order food too ! hope to get back to business when Aden a bit older , at the momment he does take up lot of my time .
will send you the recipe. so you can also cook it and you hubby will love it .in UK this dish in all restrant is a must dish for the Ang moo !
you are a very super cook , you can start your cater too , I do very admine you a lot when I look at your food !I do learn lot from you too Thank for sharing too xxxxxx :)

J.T. said...

Hi Pearly

Wow... pretty good money you get from catering.
It is good that you plan to get back to it when Aden is older.

By the way, I just took a look at all his photos, he is so cute. It is nice to see his older brothers and sister pitching in to look after him.

Congratulations Pearly (I know this is late since I have not been blog hopping regularly).

pearly said...

hi dear dear JT :
Thank so much for pop over for a visit , I am so glad to hear from you , as for me also I can only manger to pop hopping just a few or just stay for half an hour or so cos bb need to cuddle all the time .
yes ! as you know me I can't keep still in min now with ADEN I give him all my tim enot have lot of time to do my business . cos with cater I need to put lot of mind in to make a nice menu for the costumer ,
yes!a prive party is a very personal thing and ppl will pay good money for it too , I do enjoy very much not only for the money but is the interest of it :)
I do love to cook :)

~ gR@ce ~ said...

so proud of u ler pearly,,,....can cook good food and can take care family as well...
ur aden sp big boy dy..looks so handsome, he looks like brandon:-)..

janicepa said...

erm.. hello sister.. u are still in confinement lah ??

u got to take good care of ya self lah .. if not who is gng to take care of aden and the rest ar ???

~ gR@ce ~ said... geng la ur sis..during confinement still got so many strength to cook good food

pearly said...

Grace dear :
Here in UK ...not Malaysia . you all so lucky can get confinement Lady to help and just rest , as for me I do need to do everything la even my hubby will hlp but he is a ang moo can't cook the chinese thign so I must get my ass up to do it la .
WAT TO DO ????

pearly said...

I know I am sitting the moon , but I am not so lucky like you got a MILaw will cook good food and a sil will look after my baby for me . I must DIY myself everything la also I got 3 more to look after too .
Wat to DO ???