Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Yesterday HV come to weight him
guess wat
this little boy
had gain
1 lb in one weeks
Guess time
can any one spot the different
between this 2 picture and all the below

ADEN ???
This baby is not ADEN


all this time I thought
Aden just like BRANDON
until the other day I bring out all the picture
of my 3 other baby
gosh .......
oh NO
is oliver he does look so like


Sasha said...

Brothers ma! so alike!

pearly said...

sasha :
you are so right too but ... all four kids look the same when they bb.

Sweetiepie said...

They look like photocopy.:)
so cute!I think when they grow up they must look like twin.

Barbara said...

Hello Pearly,
I'm so happy for you ! I didn't have much time since returning home ( Things are better now !), but I peeked in to see your son's photos.
So cute !!!!!!

You are blessed with your youngest son and your other beautiful children & husband.

Big big hugs to you xxxxxxxxxxxx

Moonlight_tears said...

Brandon and Oliver look like twins. So with Aden now they gonna look like triplets, heheh. Did you watched Jon and Kate plus 8?Did you enjoy it? ALl kids grow up so fast, look at Aden, now he is already 4 weeks....time passed too quickly..but he is sure one cutie pie pie..

Aiyah Nonya said...

Brothers do look alike. And they are both good looking. Aden will be to.

pearly said...

hi sweetie pie:
all my kids there are so a like I find out the other when I bring out all my old bb foto gosh lik eu say copy one them .
time goes so fast I don't rember how and wat there are like .....