Saturday, October 18, 2008


Me and Freddy ....
side by side...

Freddy and Aden
side by side

THIS is a lovely picture I snap
find my cat love my baby so much
this is FREDDY we had him last year may 07
he is like my baby to me
he sleep with me and follow me everywhere I go

we will so worry when Aden born he will be jealous about Aden and will hurt Little one
so we try to keep him out away from Aden
one morning he just sit next to Aden
just after Aden have his bath in the morning
Below this picture
when I sit around with the baby
Freddy will always try to sit with us too!

I was worry the more I push Freddy away he will get jealous
he didn't he love Aden very much
if he hear Aden cry he will come to see him
so cute the 2 of them


Aiyah Nonya said...

so cute .....

Moonlight_tears said...

Freddy is cute. You are so lucky, loved by so many and even your kitty loves u.

Salt N Turmeric said...

I remember my mom wud always keep our cats away fr the babies. But looks like Freddy loves Aden!

Hope you're feeling much better today. Steph is just being a typical 14yr old girl. Dont worry, once she earns her own money and living on her won, she'd realise how nice it is to have a mom who pratically does everything. ;)

Iv been so busy cooking for my Raya open hse tomorrow thts why i havent had the time to leave comment.

grace said...

aiyo...freddy is so cute....even a kitten also know to sayang people...:-)...i like the picture 3 of u sleep lovely...:-)

grace said...

aiyo...freddy is so cute....even a kitten also know to sayang people...:-)...i like the picture 3 of u sleep lovely...:-)

Rose said...

Wow, the cat even need some attention and can be jealous huh? Very cute pic, especially 3 of you! hahaha!

But Pearly, got to be careful of the cat, dont wanna it to get so near to Aden. You know, cat fur.

have a nice week and you take care, my friend.

winniethepooh said...

nice to see freddy loves u all so much :)

my ah ma (granny) said try not to let bb comes too close to dogs and cats coz their fur when breathe in by bb, bb might get asthma..hmm..just ah ma's advice

u take care okie! :)

Moments In Time said...

So cute la Pearly! I also worried that my puppy will be jealous cos now she is like my baby, everywhere I go, she follow, sit in toilet also she want to lay beside me... so hopefully we are as lucky as you and she will love the baby too! You so fast slim down already, so jealous! ha ha

Take care!

pearly said...

Mae dear :
Thank you ! :)

pearly said...

\my dear Nicole :
you are very kind to me too ! I feel so lucky to have all of you too !:)

pearly said...

dear dear Farina :
Thank sooo much for pop over even you so busy :)
yes ! I was worry too when Aden first born now also la I try to keep my room door closed so Freddy would get in without me knowing .
but Freddy just love to come in early in the morning just to ask for cuddle from me or hubby .
I feel bad if I keep push me away since I had Aden ! poor little. pussy

pearly said...

Grace dear :
yes ! I got 3 cat now use to have 4 one just diet kill by a car !
those cat there choice their love one , steph have 2 cat who love her lot and will sleep and fellow her everyway but one of them just die
and my Oliver also got one who sleep with him every night and love him too ! :P

pearly said...

Rose Dear :
Thank !
yes !I know I also very worry about the fur too , I try to keep Freddy on a closed eyes I feel bad I know this little one love Aden so much :)

pearly said...

my dear dear Winnie :
So nice to see u here !
yes ! I know about this too ! my mum saw this will give me a good nug
I try to keep Freddy away from Aden.

you take care thank for pop over too :)

pearly said...

dear Saphrodites:
Not to worry I think dog there got sense to love their owner .
I bet when baby grown up he /she will have lot of fun with you puppy cos pup normal have a special thing to protest the owner.
but first few day need to keep an eyes .
I have no good sleep that why lost lot of weight :(
cos no sleep no mood to eat :(
you must take good care of yourself and eat well now ok !:)

~ gR@ce ~ said...