Thursday, November 08, 2007

Today me and my assistant have a women chat about wat or do we still do after marriage or staying together for years ?
Do we still telling each other .."I LOVE YOU ! each day ?
Do we still give each other a .."GOOD BYE KISS ! when leave the house on the way to work or out with pal ?
Do we still ..." HOLD HAND WHEN WE WALK ON THE STREET SHOPPING ? without kids (if u have kids )OR with kids around ?
Do we still say..."I AM SORRY ..when is disagree with each other ?
my answer: NO I don't say I love u everyday, only text,phone or email when we been a apart each other !*like
now hubby in Holland I am in UK.
Assistant answer: YES we say many time a day !
ME: TRY to KISS GUD BYE.... it if I am not MAD at him ... hubby do try too sometime forgot !
ASST : YES always !
ME : NO LA ...... we sit so far a part .....LORI also can go through !
ASST : OH YES ! we need to hug and kiss all the time everyway home to pub !
ME: WALK with kids he in front with daughter, I will be at the back with my 2 son , without kids OH YES... we hold hand la play play romantic !

Me: KISS GUD NIGHT ?..... wat is this mean .. I go to bed at 10.30pm hubby goes GOD KNOW wat time he come in bed kiss gud night you are joking ka?
ASST: WE KISS all the way to the bedroom .........
ME: way la we both never say even know who's wrong who right ..just silent if too long no talk then me or hubby will say ...DO you want tea or coffer ?
ASST: ........mmmmmm NOT often we disagree cos we love each other so much ...!
a lot of different Between ME and ASST right ...
As for pearly I have married for more then 10 years OK ... any one out there are the same like ME ?
AS for my Assistant there just meet and living together for not even a years yet .......
I Guess that WHY lor ?



J.T. said...

I was wondering what is your assistant's secret to such an intense love life. I found out in the end. It is still new... that's why. haha

While I don't dispute that some people who have been married for years can be just as lovey, dovey; I still say that when couples have been married for a long time, most of them fall into a comfortable routine - whatever works for them, even with less kissing, hugging and occasional "I Love You".
That does not mean they don't love each other more than they did when they first met.

Cat Cat said...

Sis Pearly,
My hubby and I still say I love you everyday.
Kissing not really but hugging sometime lah... We did apologise to each other regardless who is wrong or who is right... I agree with j.t., when a couple been married for so long, they don't need all this lovey dovey thing... Hati tahu sudah cukup... :)

PEARLY said...


my dear cath and JT swetie:

wow ! I do admire you la cath... ... well .... just like JT say we too Comfartable in our routine, also too comfartable and forgot to give each other some attention , but I do think sometime a couple do need a little bit of lovey dovey to
push up the relationship cost if not sometime will think ..... does he or she really still LOVE ME ?
I think a couple should have lot of hug hug too .
may be I should start to do a litle by now hahahhha.

L'abeille said...

haha guess i can comment much as I'm only with XT for only a year plus :p

winniethepooh said...

yup, we do still do all those, i agree with pearly and j.t that its becoz its still the 2 of us and that we are still 'newly' wed :P i guess only time will tell if down the road we still do all those :) definitely there will be changes in our life, so who knows, perhaps just being able to stay married is already a big achievement?

Aiyah Nonya said...

My answers are just like yours.
H still kiss me before and after he comes home from work. :)

Other than that we do take each other for granted.
Time to rectify that, I guess.

barbara said...

Hi Pearly,
Nice to know you and your blog.
Lets say for myself, kissing skills are not rusted :) The couch has always been nice to re-connect.
But yes, everyday life does get in the way & builds up tension around the couple.

Don't hesitate to give him lots of hugs; it's very good medicine :)

All the best to you.

PEARLY said...

hi lovely L'abeilla:
thank for drop by for the comment, here I wish you and XT will keep the same all the way ....keep telling him and remind yourself don't slow down ok hehhehe. thank for pop over xxxxx

PEARLY said...

winnie darling :
Yes I know I should not been so cooool wife hahaha. but you are right
for the 2 of us stay married is already a big achievement cos I see lot of my friend in UK there all wouldn't last that long one of them the hubby always call her and tell her how much he love her and one day he tell her I can't stand you anymore cos I have got myself a younger lady so he leave her with her 2 young kids on her own and he don't even pay her any money too lucky she got a very gud job that pay well if now she and kids will be eatting AIR .....poor thing la
you 2 will be fine la we chinese know how to please our hubby la no worry hehehehe

PEARLY said...

hi nonya dear :
JT is very right la ... I think is time for you and me kick off ,got to be a very sexy and hony wife la kiss kiss hugg hug is a must la you and me hand in hand start it from today for you for me I got to wait untill hubby return home from holland ahahaha.

PEARLY said...

hi dear Barbare :

thank for pop over to me !

as you say ....don't hesitate to give him lots of hugs; it's very good medicine :) I agree with you and I will take this advise on ... Promise hope he wouldn't think..... wat going on with me wife ????? hahhahah .
well do
thank again xxxx

Dawn said...

Hi Pearly,

My hubby and I still kiss each time we leave, and return home, and before we go to bed. Only occasionally we will give each other a hug. Too routine in our lives. say sorry??? sometimes and just like you, we will offer coffee or some treats as peace treaty!

PEARLY said...

hi dawn :
I thougt I am the only one don't say sorry hhaha. but sometime we do say it when is a big one hhah too pround I guess ,there one time my kids ask me .. mummy and dad why we never see u both kissing each other ? hhhmmmmm
we both just look at each other nothing we camnreply to them hahha.

Sue said...

Hi! Sorry I didn't drop in for a while..been busy..
Sorry to hear about your depression..are u alright now...! I used to get like that before I gave I am alright...

Anyway, this post is funny ler...I am similar with your assistant.. still do the same with my hubby hehe..still new ma... nearly 4 years..who knows when later in life...

PEARLY said...

hi dear sue ;
glad to see u around know u been very busy la do u enjoy all those wonderfull food in malaysia /
wow lovely to hear u and hubby still the same as honeymoon , must keep it that way cos is gud for relationship la xxxx