Saturday, November 17, 2007


Each year around this time the whole UK busy helping PUDSEY to rise Money for those chilren who in need ,I have been miss action for a whole week, cos I am also very busy with this too , all those cake u see here is wat I have been so busy with baking, so I can put it for sale to rise money for those children who need it .
anyone who looking at this, if u feel like helping
please click on the above pudsey in red and will bring u to the side to check out,if u hope to donated OK

BBC have lot of show on FRIDAY night 16 of nov ,I think there have rise nearly £15,000000
the last seen, cos I felt a sleep by the time around 1am the show run up to Saturday 2am .
anyway every year since I have work with childbase I have been busy to bake cake for all kind of charity fun rise
I do enjoy every bit of it .

the above is the second round of my cup cake
the first round have sold OUT ....hehehe

THIS PUDSEY is for bidding who bid the highest
will get to
I have no Clue how much had rise
Will find out when I AM back to work by
then will let u all know
at the mean time just to report
wat I been busy and WHY
I am not around for the whole week


Cat Cat said...

That's a cute cake you baked Pearly... Very nice. It's always feel so good to help the needy, Sis... Glad you have the passion to do so...

PEARLY said...

hi dear cath :
for child we just got to do as much as we can , also we have our own kids we do understand other parent too.
I only just do the baking not much money to give away just a little but if I win lottry then will do something better la ...xxxx

winniethepooh said...

im sure who ever gets to eat that cake is as lucky too for its baked with lots of love, and eaten with lots of love too :)

well done pearly! putting ur talent to a good cause *hugs hugs*
hv a great weekend!

PEARLY said...

winnie darling ;
many thank to your lovely comment hug hug to u too .
you too have a lovely sunday xxxx

nyonyapenang said...

Hi Pearly,

It's great that you can bake and help raise funds. Way to go, Pearly.

barbara said...

Hi Pearly,
That is such a lovely cake !
Wonderful how you donate your time to this cause.
What was the final bid on the teddy?
I'am sure that it was yummy :)

See you soon ;)

L'abeille said...

Wow cute cakes!

~ Y@n Y@n ~ said...

wow........that cake u baked so nice and sweet,u r great person and kind person too.....i'm so proud to know you...:-)

J.T. said...

Hi Pearly dear

What a pretty cake! I agree with Winnie... whoever who gets that cake has something extra special with it - the genuine love of Pearly.

You take care my dear and kudos to you for your good work.

Lovely Mummy said...

very pretty and nice for the cake u baked...some more for good n kind u r..pearly

ruby ahmad said...

Hi Pearly,

What a lovely and thoughtful gesture that. The cupcakes looked so yummy in the photos. Hmmm....

To be able to give is in itself a reward. Well done dear. Keep up the good work.

PEARLY said...

hi dear Nonyapenang
so glad to see u back in blog really miss u sooo much .....
I just try my best to help those kids.
not much la ....thank for pop around xxxx

PEARLY said...

barbara dear :
wow ! I don't know How I did it la just rush around I guess cost that week my kithcer asst is on sick leave I have no help plus all those cup to bake just rush my feet off so glad all over now , I don't know wat is the final bin I have been on sick leave since monday and today , try to get back tomorro if I feeling better .will post to let everyone know xxxxthank again for visit me

PEARLY said...

my dear dear L'abeilla :
wow so glad to see u around I thought u away again .
help yourself with a tray of cup cake la only cost £1 akkkakka for donation I think u don't mind huh ? just kidding my lovely
miss u around la xxxxx

Aiyah Nonya said...


Lovely cake. Put my baking to shame.

No donation still can makan ? :)

winniethepooh said...

Pearly, how hv u been?

hv something for u on my blog...hop over when u hv time okie :)

U.Lee said...

Hi Pearly, thanks for dropping by my new blog. I had no link to pop over your place. Now can. Just klik on your callsign.
Yes, I have returned. It was Zawi, Rita and Ruby who motivated my return...if you'll pop into Ruby Ahamad's'll see her warm request.
I just couldn't refuse a beautiful lady's request.
Yes, nice to be back, Pearly, you keep well, UL.

janicepa said...

where are you ar ?? so long no update and no news ??

wat happend to you ar ?? hello.. are you ok o not ??

where is my sister ???

PEARLY said...

sorry to everyone ...... I am very fine just not in the mood of blogg so I have off for some time will start soon when I am feeling a bit better ...

love you all miss you all too xxxxxx

Moonlight_tears said...

Those cakes are so cute. You love teddy bears don't you? With all those forever friends teddy bears, can tell that you must be a happy go lucky person. Keep on blogging, I'll be back to check for updates.


Michelle said...

wow. did you bake the cake yourelf? and decorated it? that is just so amazing!!! exactly like the same bear.. well done pearly.. very proud of you..

PEARLY said...

nicole dear :
thank for visit, hope to see u again .xxx


hi dear michelle .
wow I am so surprise to see u around I thought u have leave UK back to SG .
just for fun and the child in need not much la , thank for pop ovewr to me xxxx