Thursday, December 14, 2006

wat is going on with my sister jan blog

I have been kick out from her blog she put on a stop on me I gues I can't get into the blog is she mad ?????
I am so worry if jan had read my blog please can you tell me why I can't get into your blog . miss you take care love you .
as for wen I tryu to post a comment on your blog and I can't too also I can't see all the picture on you blog . by the way you son is very hard workiong today he clear up his room and get ready for christmas .
poor son I told him this year mr santa is very poor so he would be getting lot of gift .
by the way derek have a messenger to you wen he say please don't spend lot of money on those monkey is nice you just drop by like a surprise he is very please you got to save money for your home and we may back to malaysia again .
miss you all
lot of love and a very merry xmas to everyone I love