Thursday, December 28, 2006

Lovely meal with wen and jon

yesterday wen and Jon come to our home to give our 3 monkey their present guess who is the happy one to receive those present ? Oliver la who Else , he get the dream DS lite , Brandon also very happy with his DS lite game didn't stop playing with it the whole night up to nearly 1am ,Stephanie is ok I think she didn't talk much about it cos wat she really want from Santa is the DS lite but then I told her I will get for her soon got to wait can't have everything when she say so.wen always spoil the 3 kids wait until Jan one come out her one will be spoil from the two sis so she wouldn't worry for anything ,really can't wait la now a day I walk in to all those lovely baby thing I just want to get it for her but I got to wait for her to tell me boy or girl then can stop . anyway back to wen and Jon arrive , there come around 6pm so we had our diner around 7pm , I cook them a roast Duck with potato and veg , end with a Xmas pudding with thick cream yum yum but then I had it I have pain the whole night , cos I can't have cream will cos me lot of pain , but wen had ice cream instant .then we sit in fort of the TV and have our wine by then around 10pm wen say she want to go to TESCO ahhhaha, Derek say to Jon is the problem with the Looi Sister there all love tesco so much keep an eyes on wen he tell Jon cos once the looi sister enter to tesco is so crazy in love to shop .so there leave to tesco , guess how long wen and jon shopping in tesco oh my god 2 hours she return to me is around 12am .don't know how many bags she got got to ask her when I chat with her hahahha.but then I wish to say to the both of them , Many Thank for come over for visit , we really love it and we always very welcome the both of them .