Friday, December 08, 2006



This year on my birthday I am so not looking forward of it becos I am having my driving test on the date ,but then when my sister darling wenwen come up to give me a very big surprised to wish me very happy birthday, I am so happy all the sadness and worry had gone out off the window . here I do wish to thank my both lovely sister who choise me lovely present and giving me all the surport for the pass few week and wen come all the way to wish me happy birthday and bring me a lovely cake I am so happy ,can't find a word to thank them both enought I guess .
here I enclosed picture of all those lovely gift from everyone to say a big thank .
here my beloved derek bought me a lovely crystal of a little girl dancer and stephnie had save up her packet money to buy me a sexy 212 perfumer together with brandon and olive crystal anger and the barlet of my two sisters give me, ena my best friend bought me two pair of lovely clark shoe , and my best friend debbie who never miss my birthday all this year she bring me a lovely lily flower and my work mate collen make me a lovely rose and all those love card from everyone.
thank so much again even my driving test is not pass, I am still very happy everyone is showing there love and care to me, all the sadness have gone away, especailly wen come all the way to see is the best thing I ever wish for, Thank my darling wenwen.