Monday, December 18, 2006

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Life is strange. I can say that no one is able to understand it fully. Or perhaps, it is the difference of expectations.
Many a times, we expect our life to be full, like for example:-

We grow up, go to school, get a job (salary which can hardly survive let alone support our parents). Aahhh! then got a catch (many would nowadays {buat testing} stay together for 1/2/3/4/5 years).............. AND get married finally.

For some - SURPRISE!! after 2 years - divorce pulak! Re
Add Imageasons:- Cannot click wor! HUH??????
After 1/2/3/4/5 years????? AIH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Some are lucky, they can find a second chance in life to find a good partner but for some, " Belum kena, belum tau, Sudah kena...... lagi?- tak mau"

For others - save money (TRY) Boleh ke? Want to enjoy life (a bit) b4 start having babies. Buy new car, travel, buy nice clothings (nanti sudah beranak body all out of perportions (like mine-hehehehe) and have fine dining ----ALL ON CREDIT. Eh! tak payah bayar balik ke nanti?
How la to cover 5 holes when u only have 3 covers?????????????????

For most - get baby lor. Bring them up ( a little different from our parents) , mati mati oso must send to kindergarden la, brain storming classes la, piano lessons, ballet classes etc. etc. Scrape every penny for them to study overseas (most b'liv that when u come back from over the seas (kena salty water) , your income will be higher wor). For boys, they will find a job, stay with you a while and just when and if they can afford, they will stay on their own. Come home to see you OCCASIONALLY. Then they might get married and send the cucu's home to you to jaga. For girls, they get a job, 2/3/4 years stay with you, give allowance and before you know it - off they are married and now belong to Ng, Chew, Yong, Yap, Lee or George, Derek, Pete's family.

Yes, they still come home to see you OCCASIONALLY . So this is life?

IT JUST SAY SO RIGHT , THAT IS A REAL LIFE infact is my life too the whole page I HAVE GONE THROUGHT IN AND OUT .