Sunday, November 16, 2008

sooooo tire ..... so wish there a fairy god mother

This weekend from Friday on word
I am so tire ......
I can't get to sleep cos the littl one play up
have few time wake for milk
Friday my in law both come to visit US
so I on Friday I am so busy to tidy up ect ......
butt my eyes is really tire can't really open
I so wish there a fairy god mother can come to give me a help
tidy up or baby sit for me and cook for the full house of ppl
so I can have a good few hour sleep .
fairy god mother didn't turn up
so I got to do la !
anyway ...
then sat litl one also play up holy susu
no sleep my blood pressure is high I am so sure
so I take my drug cos I can feel very bad headache
my sis in law also come but she didn't stay long
well ! I think she come is not really visit my Aden or us
she come is to visit my IN LAW .
cos she arrive in a hour and she got to rush to go out shopping with my MIL and Steph
then when she come back I thought she will be have diner with us
but she got to go .... ADEN I think only spend about 20 min with her for the whole half a day !"
one funny thing about her is .....
she send me a text this morning
ask me ????
*she bring a pussy to give to my best friend *


wat can I say huh ?????


Salt N Turmeric said...

Poor girl. Didnt your mil help prepare the meal or something?

pearly said...

Farina dear :
there are my house guess !
even there are my in law I can't ask her to cook me diner when there come for visit :P

susai la !

Moonlight_tears said...

aww,Pearly, you are such a good wife, mother and daughter in law, so tired but still hang in there cook, clean for everyone. You love your parents in law so much and I am sure they love you and everyone so much too, willing to travel just to meet up and spend time with you all. I am sure they love newborn baby Aden so much too, first thing arrived already go shopping, lucky Aden, must have a lot of stuffs from grannies. I wish I have nice parents in law too, mine never even come visit us after my baby was born.
Your sister in law so cute lar, first thing in the morning ask about the pussy cat, hahahahha, the pussy cat is so lucky coz it's the first thing people ask is about him/her and not everyone at home... so cute.. lucky cat

Salt N Turmeric said...

But you just had a baby and you have 4 other mouths to feed. To me when family comes, they're not guests. They are family. I know if my mom comes, she'd help around the house even when i told her not too.

pearly said...

Farina darling :
well I guess if I ask my MIL will give me a help , but I did't ask for her help , I just want her to enjoy spend time with my kiddo , well but then ..... end up pussy cat got more attention then ADEN ahhahahahah !