Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Brandon is soooo please to ..............


last week 13/11/08
school having photo shot
so I bring Aden to Brandon school so there both can have a profession photo shot
Brandon already wanted me to bring Aden to his school to show off to his class mate
so as his wish i bring Aden in
all those kids goes
and Brandon
hhahhaha got all those girl now stick to him
all say
Brandon you so lucky to ahve such a cute baby brother

ADEN been passing to one to another kids

He is so happy to let them cuddle him

not even cry at all

Tell you
some one really fancy Brandon lot
which one ????

there a girl Brandon really in love with her
I still don't know which one
Brandon wouldn't tell me

all those kids really love ADEN especially this above BOY
he ask me can he come to visit us and cuddle Aden
so cute all those kids
show off his
little Brother that day I really make his day


L'abeille said...

Wow...Aden made so many kids happy that day! Hehe..

Nux V said...

Aden is so popular! Brandon is jst so proud of his lil' bro!

Moonlight_tears said...

hahah, Brandon is so cute and so proud of his little baby brother that is why he wanted you to bring Aden to school. He sure loves Aden so much! *sniff* every little kid in Brandon's class already get to hold ADen and I still haven't get to hold him yet, so envy lar the kids. BUt those kids they do a good job holidng baby, and ADen is so good too, let everyone holds him.
I like the 3 pic, coz he is like sleeping and rubbing his nose? So peaceful ...
The girls all very pretty lar...which girl really fancy Brandon, he is one lucky boy.
Is that their school uniform? Whys ome wear green and some wear white shirts????
Well, my comments are getting so long, will ask you again if I see you online, coz I am very curious about the girl who fancy Brandon hahahha,kepo huh??

Take care......hugs

Rose said...

Am I glad to hear that Brandon love and adore his little brother that much. Oh? he has feeling for a girl? Hmm, which one? maybe she going to be ur futher daughter in law! :p

Salt N Turmeric said...

who wouldnt fall in love with Aden? he is such a cutie pie!

pearly said...

L'abeille dear :
That day I think Aden must cos those kids mum a headache ....:P
bet there all now ask there mum and dad to give them a bb too :P

pearly said...

Nux V sweetie :
Yeah ! there will be mate for life!
I am so proud of them too ! I hope there love will keep forever that is wat brother and sister suppose to be love each other and care for each other !

pearly said...

my sweet sister Nicole :
Don't cry ok *sayang *
we will be here waiting for you and Nicholas to visit us .
I can spoil Nicholas and you can spoil Aden how about that huh ?
about the uniform ! yeah those green one have skol tag on it c very expensive those white one is cheap and can get from any super market and ppl like me ... will spend on the cheap one off cos :P hehehhee

pearly said...

Nicole P/s the girl who really fancy my son pic No 10 I do like her too .
she also very clever kids her mum really like Brandon especial after she meet Brandon on my home party, hhaha she is My friend Ena friend !

pearly said...

Dear dear Farina :
I been asking him which one he really in love ???? he keep say to me NO ONE !
I still no clue which one will be my DIL kekekekke !

pearly said...

rose dear :
I have no clue ??? which girl ? but I do like the No 10 pic and I do know she really fancy my Brandon . cos her mum told us !

Barbara said...

Hi Pearly,
This is just SO cute !!!
Passing around the love through Aden.
Sending you & your family lots of love.

pearly said...

hi Barnara dear :
thank you ! love to you and your family too xxxxxx