Sunday, November 09, 2008

Aden is in his cot now

today hubby and kids very busy set up the cot for Aden to get in
look below the picture
look he is so long and bigger
can't move around much
his new COT

all those toy are gift
gift from SZU..... SASHA.... and My sis JAN
My sis in LOW JOJO

also all my best friend

Aden enjoy sleep in the COT now
tonight he sleep through
well done


Moonlight_tears said...

oh what a lucky baby, so many people love him. His bed looks so warm and cozy...

Aiyah Nonya said...

Yeah this is much better than the basket.
So many toys too . Lucky baby.. :)

Barbara said...

Hi Pearly,
Look at that sweet boy in hos new cot.
Awwh; with all his plush friends !

Big hugs to you and the family xxxxxxxx

Cat Cat said...

That's a big and comfy cot... Aden is growing up fast, eh Sis..??? He's so cute. I want a baby BOY too...

pearly said...

Nicole dear :
Yes Aden is very Lucky boy , especially you ... he got a good god mum too !

pearly said...

Mae dear :
Yeah ! he can't move around poor thing . so daddy set it up , this baby is so happy boy now !

pearly said...

Barbara sweetie :

Thank for visit !
yeah his love his puff friend :)

he is a lucky boy got lot of lovely aunt and uncle love him :)around the world too :P

pearly said...

my sweet sis Cath :

yeah he grown very fast ,,,, he also take in lot of milk is a milk monster :P

hi ... fast fast la must eat lot of soy sauce all those high in salt and it will sure get a boy :*old wive tale * hahaaha
you have got 2 very pretty girl I am sure your boy will be very handsome too :)

Rose said...

Pearly, he is adorable. I tell u, sooner or later, his bed going to be full of toys that you have to have a basket to keep them, like my little gal! She even want to keep them all in her bed when I take them away. Sometimes I wonder it is her toys or she sleeping in the bed! hahaha

pearly said...


yeah! I know , try not o buy so many toy for him cos with my other kids ... I still got 2 bag full of soft toy up my spare room . gosh !

Sue said...

So cute..glad he liked the toy..
He's growing fast...

pearly said...

sue dear :
thank you so much again !he love it !