Friday, November 07, 2008

ADEN ..... he can sit up but.........

some up date of this little boy
he is 9 weeks plus 3 days old

he love his little blue teddy
he can cuddle very well

he can sit up
need a hand to hold on !



Salt N Turmeric said...

he's pretty strong for a 13weeks baby. not tht i know much abt babies. hehe.

Moonlight_tears said...

Yes, he is indeed a strong boy! he is so advanced, very soon gonna be crawling and you will be busy going after him. I think crawling time is the cutest time for a baby. They are little but crawl so fast. Miss you though. Hope everything is great over there, bet you are, have a cute baby to play with. =)

pearly said...

hi dear Farina :
Aden here only 9 weeks old :P

yes he is very strong boy the date he born he left his head up already .

pearly said...

my dear Nicola :
I miss you too ! I have try to catch up with you but always is the wrong time I guess, now the winter time is longer I get up late too !
yes ! I can see Aden can craw by 5 mouths he already try tonight after I give him a bath !

Aiyah Nonya said...

Wow ! He has grown so much....In no time he will be crawling and mummy chasing. :)