Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to NICOLE xxxxxx

Especial for you
TO wish..........
Just for you
Happy Birthday


dawn said...

Happy Birthday, Nicole!! And welcome back, Pearly. Did you have a great time in Rome?

Sweetiepie said...

you are such a sweet friend.Today is 12th in my place here so i still can say happy birthday to her again huh!LOL!

Moonlight_tears said...

hahahha, thank you Pearly so much, the cakes are yummy in the tummy, can I haft sum more pease?????
Thank you for taking time to put up the birthday wish. big hugs to you.
How was your trip? That new profile pic is so chic, it's really nice.
How's everyone at home, especially the little one in your tummy?
Cant wait for you to post up your vacation pics.
Dear Dawn and sweetiepie, thanks for your well wishes..

Love and hugs

Anonymous said...

Pearly, your profile picture is cool - looks very hot!

dawn said...

wooooppps, i click on the button too quick. that annoymous was me!

PEARLY said...

hi dawn :
Thank you too ,I have a great time in ROME just witting to reside all my picture than will post in no time , the picture on my profile is from my phone so I can load in it to post it.
is more picture to come ,
got to say I do love ROME is really very pretty place xxxxx

PEARLY said...

sweetie pie dear :
thank for pop over too xxxx:)

PEARLY said...

HI dear dear birthday GIRL Nicole :
You are welcome , my little one is really pain in the bottom at the moment , moving around so much make me feel so sick all the time ,when I arrive back to UK I have been poorly that why I didn't show up for 2 days .
today is better but can't eat , when I am in Rome I only have salad all the time miss out lot of lovely food cost this little fellow make me sick if I eat thing is wrong wat a pain in the Backside :(

PEARLY said...

Wow darn you really shit me I though who anonymous thing this preggie women is HOT lucky is you ekkekeek:)

Trinity said...

Pearly, you supposed to be in Rome, and you manage to write this post for Nicole! Well done, girl!