Monday, March 17, 2008

COLOSSEO IN ROME ............THIS POST IS SPECAILY FOR ........L'abeille ........

The Arch of Constantine is a triumphal arch, erected c. 315 CE to commemorate the triumph of Constantine I after his victory over Maxentius in the battle at the Milvian Bridge in 312 CE. The arch is located in the valley of the Colosseum, between the Palatine Hill and the Colosseum, along the road taken by the triumphal processions.
Here is something special for L'abeille

Wedding in ROME Colosseum

when I saw this chines couple having their wedding
I snap snap fast so I can show L'abeille

on the horse and cart posh huh ?


I am so surprise in ROME there lot of Chinese from MIDLAND China
and all not on the food bussines but there all open retail shop

L'abeille did I make you re plan your honey moon


Cat Cat said...

Sis Pearly,
Nice pictures there... Wah, so romantic riding horse around Rome... Got to visit Rome one day!

Rose said...

Wow! Nice photos, Pearly! Wish I have chance to visit Rome someday! :) I am dreaming on.....hahaha

dawn said...

Beautiful pictures, Pearly. I so want to go to Rome. After watching that movie "Gladiators" I totally want to see Rome. One day....

PEARLY said...

dear cath :
oh yes ! when I saw this I just can't believe it so I fast fast snap picture .

I love all those old history of Rome .
the next trip Derek and I wish to go is Pompeii Italy.

PEARLY said...

Rose dear ;
Rome also my dream place , we talk about it for long time hope to go , we did it at last , so if I can do it I am sure your and your hubby will visit Rome one day .:)

PEARLY said...

Dawn dear :
Oh yes !"Gladiators" Derek and I can watch it again and again .
if you like this movie you will love
Colosseum and the history will make you very inter of it . Derek just love this place we visit twice in 4 days .
I bet Your DB will love it too .

well ! you and hubby can start to plan a EURO trip :)TO UK you both are always Welcome to my home sweet home :)

Trinity said...

Wah.. I love to have a euro trip!! But I think it is very expensive.. :-)

barbara said...

Hello Pearly,
Very pretty pictures :) I have not been to Rome so far, though I have been to Italy twice ( to Aoasta, which is towards the mountains after Torino).
Nice of you remind us of the History, and oooh; Newlyweds in a horse drawn carriage. I love that !

That must be romantic for them to spend their honeymoon in Italy !

By the way; I have an award for you on my blog.
XXOO to you and the baby.

I Cook4Fun said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of Rome with us. Wish I can go there one day.

Moonlight_tears said...

Dear Pearly,
Nice pics, but it will be more awesome if you are in those pics heheh.
Yeah, I would sure love to go Rome for another honeymoon, oh actualy I did not have any honeymoon.. oh well.
You are so sweet pearly, saying that you will babysit my munchkin if I ever go Rome or anywhere in Italy. A big hug and kiss for you. Even here in Minnesota, no one ever offered to babysit my kid for me, except those that I got to pay, 10 bucks an hour..bleh! hahah YOu are really a good friend Pearly, I appreciate your gesture. I would sure viist you if I have a chance to travel, but of course you don't have to babysit my munchkin because you will have a little munchkin yourself to take care of. They are so cute when they are just born, so innocent too. Can't wait for your little munchkin to be born, so I can goo goo gaga over her or him.
So it's Oliver's Birthday on Easter! So what are you and hubby gonna do for him? How old will he be? Too many March birthday, must open a club for all the March babies haha.
I miss you though, didn't have the time to check on your blog lately.
PS. Thanks for the tag, I will do it once my Easter is over, a lot of activities to do, bringing my son for Easter Egg hunt, it's his first and my first, I am so excited.
Yeah, I had fun with Dawn, that was the second time I met up with her, she is really really cute just like her pics, very petite too. Guess all cuties comes from Ipoh/Perak.=)WE ate Chinese food but it's more like an American restaurant, chefs and waiter are not chinese, it's fusion of whites, hispanics etc but none are asian cook or waiter/waitresses.
Visit me next time, I will bring you go eat and eat and eat..=)Will make you like a Queen for the whole trip.
Pls take care of yourself. Say hi to everyone at home and also say Happy Birthday to Oliver too.

lots of love

PEARLY said...

Trinity dear :
As I say to Rose , you can have a round trip to euro just go to make it happen .
I love Euro , each year we will try to save up just to go away for a week or two with my kids too .
this time just me and my hubby I do enjoy the most of the history places.
every way is getting expensive now even in Malaysia , I find thing not so cheap and food too .
have a lovely weekend xxxx

PEARLY said...

Hello dear Barbara :
First I must say A big Thank to YOU for giving me award .xxxxxxx kiss hug hug to you dear.
yes ! I think Rome is a beauty , I think the country side will be more beautiful too . me and Derek wish to go back to Italy but the next time we wish to visit Pompeii. but I think it will be a long way ........:(
Oh yes I have the same thought too when I saw the couple in the horse carriage.kekekkee
have a lovely weekend :)

PEARLY said...

Gert dear :
this day will come to you .
I have dream of Visit Rome for very long time and this time I make it .:)

if I can you can too .
have a lovely weekend xxxxxxxxx
p/s Happy Easter to you and your family too xxxxxx

PEARLY said...

My dearest Nicole :
hahaha the next post I will post my picture to show you Promise .
I know how you feel without a pair of helping hand to have a break sometime even how much we love our kids we do need sometime of our own , I often offer to my friend to babysit for them and my friend also return back so we can help each other .
wish you stay around me so I can give you a hand and save you paying $10 per hour :)
well you never know one day I might leave around you :)
Derek try to apply a job in USA or Australia , just hope have reply so we can move to USA kekeek:)
but you must plan Euro soon ok , promise you I have no problem to look after 6 kids or 7 kids in my home I nearly every weekend or Wednesdays have around 8 to 10 kids in my home kekkeekek very busy home . so if you want to have a Honey moon anniversary I will be very glad to look after you little darling for you :)as a Promise from my heart xxxxxxxx
are you also come from IPOH too ?
Oliver don't ask a lot he just say a PC game for his birthday he is very happy so I think will get him one this SAT be4 sunday
give a Big KISS And hug to your little munchkin on his birthday on 21 of march ?

GeologyJoe said...

First. Thank you for your nice comments at my blog.
Second. Great picts. Italy and Rome are GREAT. I was there a few years ago...your pictures really sparked some memories.

PEARLY said...

HI dear Geologyjoe :

Thank for pop over ,you are welcome

yes!I agree with you ROme a great place to visit .
me and hubby do wish to return
when our baby born .... but I think will take a long time :(
have you make a wish at the Trevi fountain .....cost when you throw a pence in , it mean you wish to return to Rome .:)
Happy Easter holiday :)

Sweetiepie said...

hi pearly,how are you.Thanks for the wishes.Happy easter day to you too.I was very tired lately it is due to my health problem.Too tired to click each readers blog.:)
I think rome is a nice place to live eh?As you mention in your post,alot of chinese there?I wish to go there one day.Your pics looks very interesting and sounds romantic too.hey!I am proud of you if I am not wrong you are preggie now right?You still can walk here and there huh?If i were you I already in my bed sleep all day.kekeke!Take care.

PEARLY said...

dear sweetie pie :
I hope you will feeling better soon
please do take care ok is that very cool in US keep warm ok .

yes ! I am 14weekand 6 days pregie . when I'm in Rome, I am 12 week plus keke , is my dream place ROME even I am tire also wanted to Kay poh here and there ......
few time Derek

got to stop me to go cos we only there for 3 days and I wanted to visit all the place .:)
back to UK I was really poorly and tire end up sleep for 2 days .
Happy easter holiday to you and family too , please take care , I will still pop around to you ok .
take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

L'abeille said...

Sorry for the late home PC sudah blast by lightning and..*cry*

Wah...thanks for dedicating the post to me. I love ROME. ROME is such a romantic place to go for honeymoon but...err...tell me the recipe to print $$$... ;)

PEARLY said...

L'abeille darling :

Not a problem ... I know you are very busy right now planing your big day ,but so sorry to know your PC is blast thank god now is fine and here you are :)

yes ! Rome is a place everyone must go once in your life time , it was real pretty city I wish to return someday ....... but I guess will be another 2 years :(
££££ ... like I say east Chinese is cheap that Italian food keekkek but how can not try the local tradition food when we in the place right .
I think this whole trip we spend around £500 for spending money .
lucky my trip had pay by my company so had save us £300 .
is not so bad , the next trip must work hard to get another award to go to Pompeii .
I am now looking out for you how to print ££££ inst off $$$$ ok :)
happy easter dear xxxxxx