Thursday, March 13, 2008

Food WE had in ROME ...........:(

FOOD you can find every way you walk you pass a store on the road side
look at it you know there love Pizza and cibata bread every way on the street
not cheap ..........OK:(

My lovely sweet corn salad I had
Salad with Pizza ......... this pizza is really yummy :)
I really mean YUMMY real Good mmmmm..........:O

Iris coffer without liquid :(

Cappuccino coffer this is really yummy :) just right amount of Milk
not like UK milk more than coffer ...mmmmmm very lovely :)

this BEER can anyone guess how many litl ?
Derek had the beer ...........pearly have the alcho free cocktail mmm not bad can do :{

Again This my diner Tuna salad .
the only thing my little pain in the tummy allow me to have every night
no Meat at all .
if I had meat I will be sick all over
no lovely diner for me in Rome ;[


One thing in Rome all those Cafe is lovely
look at those lovely

LOOK my cibata bread with TUNA TOM Again .

very sad :{

this pizza we had on the first day arrive
cost 10 euro but it test :{ really funny ... not nice :{{

this dish I had is potato something I forgot the name
I make myself once in UK mine one test better that this ....
this diner cost us 50 euro but it test really :{

only good is this cappuccino

food wise in Rome every way you go you can get Pizza ....... More Pizza .........and pizza
but is not cheap
the cheap way to eat is still.......kekekekeke you wouldn't believe me
at the Chinese restaurant

we went on the last day
I am so crave for mee hoon anything Chinese will do
so walk in to this little family run Chinese
order a hot and sour soup for Derek
I have veg mee hoon
ma po tufu with rice
Derek had fry rice with sweet and sour chicken
beer for Derek tea for pearly
guess the Bill only come
23.50 Euro

oh my god
we have a main course plus a pizza will cost us 50 Euro all this time we in Rome

when I saw my bill at the Chinese
I really don't believe it

next time
go to Rome ...............
have Chinese food :)

sorry no picture to show the food at the Chinese cos I am too hungry and forgot about the picture............:) .....:P


Moonlight_tears said...

Dear pearly,
I hope you are feeling better today. Your little one in tummy is already so active huh? It's good though, I missed all the kicking, punching,moving, twisting and stretching in my tummy. The feeling is very nice right???
Did your Stephy and brothers had fun at grandma's house???
Nice pictures. Love the food. It would be more awesome if it is your lovely self in it. hahah.
I must make a trip to Rome before I get old and wrinkly, that time I probaly can't walk, can't eat, so must go real soon..
Miss you a lot, I hope you stay well, pretty mama.

PEARLY said...

Nicole dear :
My mum in law come to my home to babysit so kids is fine with it and having fun with Nana for 4 days :)

yes I can feel a little move here and there not lot but when I return , I didn't feel for 2 days so worry have a scar I saw it move and jump up and down , my heart feel better there say becos it too tire cos have been very busy walking around the whole Rome :(

yes you must visit Rome, you can come to UK first , I can babysit for you so you and hubby can go for your Rome honey moon:)
this trip we do enjoy more without kids cost we can go anyway without kids scream " ARE WE THERE YET ":)
more picture to come soon promise xxxxx

Rose said...

Hi Pearly, Welcome home! :)

How come you didnt taste any of pasta in Rome? I know they are well know for pasta besides pizza, pastry and coffee! :p

Look forward to more pics!

dawn said...

Hi Pearly:

Those are nice pictures. I like that pizza picture but for me too much pizza makes me so jialat where I will go look for some food with sambal in it - true malaysian!

You drink coffee still with the little one in you? Caffiene free is it? The beer Derek had must be a liter, right? That was a big one.

Yeah, did you try any pastas? I too one day will drop by UK, look for you and then hop over to Rome.

Looking forward for more pictures, Pearly. You take care!

Jacelyn Chew said...

wow, u can eat a lot! i like pizzas and pastries, unfortunately my hubby prefers chinese food only. From the comment, i only know that u r expecting. how long is it already? congrat ya. is this the second one? anyway, take good care by yourself and bb. :)

~ Y@n Y@n ~ said...

wow....the 1st pic of pizza looks really yummy! sliver start dripping all over dy...hahahha...

Farina said...

with usd declining, il keep in mind to eat at chinese rest if we ever find ourselves in rome! ;)

PEARLY said...

Rose dear ;
Yes I did have pasta I had a clam pasta with lovely plain olive oil
but I was so hungry I get half way only remember .... sugar I forgot to take a picture kekekekekek. too lated I ate all nearly so no picture :{

but I got you lot of pastry cake have a slice :)xxxxxxxx

PEARLY said...

Your guess was right ..kkekek is one liter , we learn something next time go Rome don't even say big beer just say beer or els end up with one liter of beer hahhahah.
yes ! I had real coffer but I only had 2 cup a day during in Rome but I return UK haven't had since :)
my home will always open for you and your hubby xxxxxxx :)
have a lovely weekend

PEARLY said...

P/s to Dawn :
By the way when you go to Rome ....
you must bring a bottle of sambal :)
I didn't see any Malaysian food so kekkeekek
you got to eat Chinese from midland china .

I was really miss my chill padi ...:(

PEARLY said...

Jacelyn dear :
yes I am now 14 week preggie :)
this is my no 4 baby kkeeek
my daughter is now 13+ and one son 12 and the little one 10 :) I am a bit too old for baby keekeke.
but this little one just want to come to us so I take it in lor :)
I am not a big fun of pizza but that pizza I ate is really yummy the last day I am so sick of Italy food I die for Chinese dood that why we end up at the chinese place

thank so much for pop over for a visit xxx have a lovely weekend too
take care my lovelyxxxxx

PEARLY said...

grace dear :
don't sliver start dripping all over ok come to visit rome UK and paris .

you are so welcome to stay with us when you in UK xxxxxxx
have a lovely weeekend

PEARLY said...

Farina dear :
there lot of ppl from USA visit Rome
so USD is not so bad I guess .

the Chinese food is also very yummy too I am so regret did not find this place early could have save us lot of Money :)

have a lovely weekend xxxxxx

It's Me said...

Hi Pearly,

No wonder you didn't update your blog for so long when I last visited. I totally forgotten that you're going for a vacation. I really sick until "mong cha cha". Lucky you didn't call me during CNY. I was sick since Feb 14 till end of Feb & now only okey. Still have to go for my appointment this coming Wed.

Mayasuen/Stef here as I've changed my new website.

PEARLY said...

Stef dear :
I am glad you are feeling bit better now , I wasn't good too during in IPOH was coughing and vist 2 time DR in Malaysia back to UK still poorly and my DR here in UK ask me to throw away all those drug I had in Malaysai and there give me a very strong antibiotic I am now feeling better bit still feel bad lor .
I am so sorry didn't get to call you .
first I lost you tel NO and when I meet MAE she give me and then I was so busy with all those aunt and uncle visit I totally forget about making call to you when I got a min I was leaving to KL .
but promise the next time I will call you and we can have a great time makan :))

~ Y@n Y@n ~ said...

the day sure will come....definitely will go oveer visit u....:-)

barbara said...

Hi Pearly,
They always say, "when in Rome, do as the Romans do"... when that comes to eating, it sounds pretty $$$ .
Very interesting food photos.
Look at all the pastries and cookies. I always thought after all my years in France that French partries where top... I hope that they taste as yummy.

Anonymous said...



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