Wednesday, September 05, 2007




Aiyah Nonya said...

He is so smart looking.

Ah...I know how you feel. I felt that way too when my #3 went to school.

ruby ahmad said...

Hi Pearly,

Isn't that wonderful that the kids are growing up so well. Time flies but its ok when we know our kids turned out great. He looked so smart in the pics. You're one proud mom, I know dear. Take care.

Sue said... will be not long then it's my turn..haha...he look smart with the tie..

Michelle said...

He looks so handsome! sigh.. kids grew up so fast. I was petty emotional yesterday when I tried to tie his tie. Keeps on hugging him and says my little boy is all grown up now and I'm going to miss him..
wish they always stay as a baby..guess in our heart, they will always be our little angel babies...

PEARLY said...

Nonya dear :
Is so true we don't really release our kids grown untill like now or when there back with gurl and say gues wat we are getting marrian hahhha, that is wat will scare me , I hope not so soon ahhahahha.

PEARLY said...

Ruby darling :

yes I got to say I am very pround mum when I see my kids do well , gues most mum all the same , the kids bad o gud still are kids , but just got to keep an very closed eyes on them most of the time .
I bet you are the same too
thank for pop by , xxxxxx *hug hug*

PEARLY said...

sue sweetie :

yes you just got to wait for 2 and a half when you send him to the nursery first ,,,,,, you will feel like * wat am I doing I am so free and I am totaly lose without my baby around just for a few hour will drive you NUT hahhahhah.
when there go to skol then you think oh dear there all grown up so fast !!!
mum for you xxxx
have a lovely day is very lovely sunshine after 3pm how about your side ?

PEARLY said...

hi michele dear :
today you little big boy go to skol right ? wow just you and the young little angel , do you enjoy the time JUST THE 2 OF YOU ? I use to enjoy it when oliver start skol , and brandon with me only we got shooping and shopping hahhahah.
until I got myself a job I have no more time for shop all end up buy througth the internet .

must go to yourside to kay poo now see you post your boy firs day at skol picture cos today cath looi post her annebella first day skol pict xxxx
have a lovely day

Aiyah Nonya said...

Scary thought. Although I can't picture my #3 getting married.

Dawn said...

Pearly, your boy is so cute. Will have his hands full pretty soon! :)

U.Lee said...

Hi Pearly, that sure is one good looking boy you have, what with his mother's good looks too.
By the way, he learned to put on his tie himself or daddy helped him?
Another few years the girls will go nuts see your son, ha ha.
Come to think of it, he looks abit like the new James Bond fellow.
You're a lucky mom, Pearly. Keep well, UL.

PEARLY said...

nonya dear :

we all scare too ......... but hope will be another 10 years time there will bring a gurl show up hahhahahhaaa

PEARLY said...

dawn darling :

Now he in the secondary skol , I now keep tell him no gurl friend study ok , gurl will make you sad , just study hand and find a gud job then will be lot of gurl around when you have a gud job ............hope he liste alamah xxxx

PEARLY said...

dear Uncle Lee :
Yes he did , he beeen keep learning for the pass 2 days be4 the skol start bless him .

WOW uncle LEE the *TALL HAT * you give him will make him over pround of himself .... out there got many handsome kids too ler .

I do feel very lucky to have all my kids , just like all the mummy in the world bet mrs LEE and YOU same same too

have a lovely day xxxx

SixzFun* said...

so big boy u can relax dy..all ur kids also grown up dy....:-) it's time to enjoy life with ur hubby alone ...:-)

Cat Cat said...

Wah Pearly, you got a handsome boy there. Kasi sama Cath jadi menantu boleh..??? HAHAHA!

winniethepooh said...

Good luck Oliver! I'm sure you will be enjoying urself, making lots of friends and enjoying your secondary school days!

Pearly, dont worry, they are all great kids :) but I know, mom will always be mom, when I tell my mom, dont worry about me, she will say, "im ur mom, even when ure 50, i'll still worry for u like when ure 5!" hehe

Pearly, when you hv the time, pop by my blog, hv something for u :)

PEARLY said...

grace dear :

ya now we do very relex sometime don't even know the kids around there all play in their own room , leave the 2 old folk down the living room .
watch tv on our own x

PEARLY said...

Cath dear :
Always BOLEH LA for you hehehehee.

ka ki lan mah xxxxxxx

PEARLY said...

winnie sweet heart :
olver say thank he enjoy very much on his first day , do lot of work at school meet lot of friend ,even got one friend treat him lunch TQ xxx

have pop by THANK again for beening my friend xxxxxxxxxxxxx