Monday, September 17, 2007


Everyone must think wat up pearly want wrong with you WHY you so angry ?

Yes I am angry with some people , sometime I think if someone if there don't have a nice word to speak.. please don't even bothered to open it please .......cost if open the mouth and hurt other people feeling don't..just....... SHUT IT OK please .

I am up sad becos ...

sometime when some one come over to me for help or advise

I try to advise and be understand about the problem and try to clam them down .

where some one turn around and say ...

oh yes .. is easy to say that where you are pretty thick skin to face people, I couldn't do that ..

and I am like ???

I am thick skin ?????

To face the daily life is not just becos you think you are so self important sometime got to understand other ppl feeling too , I sometime just let people get on with thing doesn't mean I am thick skin , I think if I open my mouth make ppl up sad we should shut up and just Lister only.

most of the time my friend come to OUR home cry........ sad ..... or angry with their life .... as for me, I will Lister to them let them relies it out , when there ask me advise I even very gentle to advise them even I know there are in the wrong ..... if this mean I am thick skin I think the next time there should look for some way els cos I am really get so piss off cos , I have lot of thing to do in my daily life and I don't really wanted to be a Marriage consulton , when there need a shudder to cry on or need to pat up there love life and dump all their kids to me to look after ....then turn around and say I am so thick skin ....holy molly sugar .......

I am so sick and tire of looking after other ppl kids and Lister to their shit ......

once thing in life I should say ......

Life is TOUGH and everyone had their hard time just get on with it, cos I never go and dump my kids to anyone to look after I look after my kids all the time no one will even offer me a helping hand when I need , when I flight with my hubby need a ( just the 2 of us ) sitting thing .. we just got to do it our self

when some one have wat so call F****@K UP RELATIONSHIP all come to my home to cry and turn around to say me thick skin ......

I should say

sorry must say this ......


but I didn't not after THE way she talk to me .....LIKE ...... this I still have her kids and let her go and get on with wat she need to get on ,

AM I SO THICK SKIN?????????????????????












Like the above thiCk skin I GUESS




Michelle said...

Poor you.. you must be feeling so injustice. There you are, always lend a helping hand and listening ear.. instead she call you names!
She must be really upset with her life and compare you in her heart. So, she said you are thick skin. Really feel that is ungrateful of your 'friend' to do that. That is like a slap to your face when she said that. It must have hurt your feeling and you wondered whether you deserve this.
Pearly, though I do not know you personally, after reading your blog. I know you are a lovely person with a big heart. You don't deserve this after all the things you did for her...

winniethepooh said...

*pat pat pearly, hug hug pearly* Sometimes there are people who are so engrossed in their own sad life that they forget about those who have been patient with them, listening n hv been kind to them.

ure a good lady pearly, dont listen to what she say ok. u know, i know, we know too...cheer up!

I Cook4Fun said...

Pearly, come here. Let me give you a hug. Sorry that your friend is so ungreatful. Next time she come to you just tell her you have better things to do with your time. Hope you feel better.

PEARLY said...

michelle dear :

TQ TQ for your kind though of me I feel much more relies now after I bla bla bla out my cheast. haahhha sometime need to moooooen out feel well .

winie my sweetie.
TQ for all those warm *hug hug * I am feeling so much better now ,I know I been love by all my blof friend xxxxxxxxxxx *hug hug * kisskiss to u too

PEARLY said...

Dear cook 4 fun :
TQ TQ sssssssssoooooooooooooo much
feel so warm now .

Pi Bani said...

Holy sugar... what happened to my sweet Pearly?! Who made her upset? Come I whack that person!

Yeah, I know how you feel. You sincerely help because they ask for your help and yet they end up saying something without thinking about your feelings. Never mind, just let it go in one ear and go out the other.

Me? I think my skin is getting thicker by the day... so lantak lah what people want to call me.

Cat Cat said...

My poor Sis Pearly... Come and let me give you a BIG hug. Next time ask the fella to fly kite... Pardon my language but I know how angry you are when I read your post today and the worst thing is being called names. Holy *toot toot*, I would be hitting the roof myself.

J.T. said...

Oh poor Pearly. It will surely upset me if I had the same thing turned on me.

*hugs* I know how you feel. Sometimes we have to ignore what people say. Easier said than done but it is possible. It all depends how important that person is in your life.

U.Lee said...

Hi Pearly, Holy Smoke! I sure am sorry read you in such distress.
Pearly, I am not in your shoes, but reading what you posted, someone sure hurt you real bad.
Pearly, just be your good, kind self. I know it is difficult, I know it is not easy, but try ignore what happened, there are people who know not what they are doing or did.
In doing so to a person like you is beyond my comprehension, someone so kind, warm and compassionate.
But let it be Pearly, hold your head up high, walk tall. You have done no wrong. You are Pearly, our Pearly. My friend Pearly.
You have not only my utmost respect, admiration, love and friendship, but so do everyone of your friends here and all over the world. All of us are with you now, Pearly. We all hold you dearly in our hearts and wish you well.
Have a cup of your Earl Grey tea, you will feel better.
Walk tall, Pearly....We are with you now, we share your hurt. UL.

L'abeille said...

Come come Pearly, Don't be so angry. *Hugz*

I can feel your pain. Anyway, you've done all you can. Just ignore her've done the your best to help...

aiyah nonya said...

Yeah some folks can be a real pain in the ***.
Just ignore them. You don't own them a thing.
Know this saying - "one ear in one ear out".
I usually try to go by this motto. If not I will be very 'mung' all the time.
Unless they happen to step on my tail on a wrong day. Then it is URG.........

So, Pearly, stay cool and I am sure you boys pratiscing Mr Bean's move will cheer you up a bit. :)

janicepa said...

haiya... dun gif 'f888' to tht person lor...

not thick skin lah ... just being helpful nia.. but hou sum mou hou bou ar ??

nevermind.. come ur babe sister sayang u ar... *gee.. sound so not like me.. * kekekeke...

CHEER UP ar...

nyonyapenang said...

Hi Pearly,

In life, we meet all kinds - the good, the bad and the ugly and I have met my share of the unkind types. It hurts, Pearly, it sure hurts bad when we sincerely offer our hand and after 'feeding' off us, they turn around and bite.

What do I do then? I'll lick my wounds and I move on. It's their loss not mine and I do feel sorry for them.

You are a very kind lady with a good heart and I know you will come around and be your cheerful self again. ***smilessss...for Pearly***


Dawn said...

Pearly, *HUG, HUG* Hope you feel better now.

Ala, just "tong hei moh toh-lah". Like my hubby always tells me, Don't waste your energy with these kind of people."

If they want you to listen to them again, tell them "I have no time for these nonsense!" or what my hubby says "Up yours!" :)

PEARLY said...

chegu Pibani: TQ so much for your warm HUG ya la must one ear in and one ear out la apa boleh buat ler ?mouth on her wat even la have had say had say
just the next time will do as dawn say up her lor I guess hahaah.

PEARLY said...

hi my dear sis cath :
ya la must buy her a kite ...*fly kite* la
the next tiem will put a finger up to her hahah if I dare too heheh.
TQ for the WARM HUG HUG kiss kiss xxxx from me to you

PEARLY said...

JT dear :
ya la now a day I got to like Chegu Pibani say one in and one out la , after all some people think there are so BIG . well I am fine now after all my beloved blog friend and my family giving me all those warm though and all those HUG I feel so much better I know I can court on my friend on the net cos there love me and I love them too .

xxxxxx thank again my very dear JT

PEARLY said...

lovely L'abeille :
TQ again you are so kind too xxxx to you

PEARLY said...

hi dear nonya :
ya la must la after all life is too short to so piss off all the time , after all I know out there I still got lot of friend and family who care and don't say think so horrible , glad to have you be my friend for life hhehehhe .
I am very cool now after all those BLA BLA BLA on the net feel much more better hahaahah, TQ TQ

PEARLY said...

jan my babe sis :
wow so sayang you big sis huh . *hug hug* back TOO

YA LA* hou sum mou hou bou ar +
THIS FALLO YOU KNOW TOO anyway bro in law say the next time ask her to Pisssss off wor hahaah.

PEARLY said...

nyonyapeang darling :
ya la English say don't bite the hand who feed you ??? well my kids and hubby say .. there need me more then I need them that why my door bell always +ring ring* those people keep coming over to ask for help this and that some time so bad I need to just sad so sori I am not feel this weeekend gosh! that is no life la .
I just wish to have some peace and quie .
hou sum mou hou bou ar that is right from my sis JAN say .
anyway , Iam cool down now TQ TQ again for your warm talk xxxxx

PEARLY said...

Dawn dear :
I like this "Up yours!" from you hubby will try this the next tiem to them people.
HUG HUG back to you and say TQ TQ