Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Diner serve with boil rice and humchop belly pork in chili


janicepa said...

do u need to serve so nicey ?? aiyo..

L'abeille said...

It's been such a long time I never eat this dish cooked by my mommy. Yours looks so tempting!

*WUAHHHHHHHHHHH I want my mommy!!

Cat Cat said...

Where did you get the ham choy? From chinatown..? It's been so long I haven't had ham choy tong with siu chi kuat... Alamak, rindu ooooo.

winniethepooh said...

wahh..thats my mommy's fav! Pearly, it sure look so tempting! that table mat, so elegant, like eating at a 5 star hotel..see already oso very happy, can eat a few more bowl of rice :))

nyonyapenang said...

Hi Pearly,

It's been a long time since I had this dish....and looking at your pics...wah...sedapssss lor.
And I agree with really took effort to present it so well here...the Chinese brocade table mat and the beautiful chopsticks...ya lar...better than 5-star hotel....

Have a great day, Pearly.

Dawn said...

Looking at your hum choy dish makes me drool. It has been ages since I had it. I might have to take a trip to the asian store this weekend! Thanks for the idea and how to make it, too! :)

Michelle said...

what is hum choy? I want to learn! Looks so divine!! Only 15 min! WOW! Can I buy it from Tesco or Sainsbury? Please don't tell me from Oriental supermarket as it is too far for me. Nowadays, I will only go there like once every 3 months. Haha..

PEARLY said...

jan babe :
yes on the blog must serve nice .

PEARLY said...

dear L'abeille:
you can have this anytime lor is so easy la it take me less then 20 min I have rice and diner xx fast and yummy to eat xxxxxhave a nice day

PEARLY said...

sis cath :
when I ridu I went to the chiness shop and get some time I will get a few bag to stone if I am lazy I will ask my best friend to cook cos only me eat at home none of my hubby and kido will eat so I eat with my mate heeh.
can you get it in you place ?

PEARLY said...

winnie darling:
yes! I love the table mate too ,is from one of my first chiness student who come 2 years ago his mummy send me after he went back to china she send lot of thing to say thank she even send me apiese of JADE .those chopstick is come with a set very pretty set I am so pround to show off haha.
yes la you can fry this dish in no time and your THE ONE will be very happy to sapu all hehhe

PEARLY said...

nyonyapenang my very dear pal :

come come share with us xxxxxxx
thank for your lovely commnet is not so 5 star yet la

PEARLY said...

dear Dawn :
you are welcome this is a lazy dish is fast and yummy hahhah

PEARLY said...

michelle dear :
I am so sori to say ..Yes is from the orient shop la no tesco or sainbury sori .
the next time you go just ask for hum choy there will show you, you get a few pack can keep long time then you can even cook it and eat for few day that wat I normaly do cos I am the only one eat at home and I love this sometime I boil soup with rib and pork but soup can't kep so many day my kids would mind to eat the soup with rice but not this stir fry too ang moo
have a nice day xxxxx

U.Lee said...

Hi Pearly, Holy Smoke! You cooked my all time favourite dish, belly pork with hum choy. I can clear three plates of rice just with this dish. Add sambal belachan, then its a loud 'buurrrrup', ha ha. Everytime my wife cooks this she gets two kisses on her cheeks, others only one, ha ha.
Pearly, you are really one heck of a gourmet cook! Outstanding! You always impress me.
By the way, free pop over my place. I am glad to hear of yours and Derek's interest in Canada. Come to Canada, Pearly. United Nations voted Canada 5 times past years as THE BEST country in the world to live.
Big roads, cheap, big cars, More Chinese markets than IPOH, ha ha, free schooling for your kids till high school. You entitled to about $100 to $200 for your young kids a month. Pop to my place. UL.

SixzFun* said...'s so yummy yummy....i like it.....very hungry now..... but too MIL dun cook pork at home dy...go outside eat sure can't get this type of nice tsate one......too bad....must try yours..but dun know when... :-(