Thursday, December 18, 2008


SO SORRY I didn't get to reply to each of my dear friend flu had catch up with my family.
Aden got it then Brandon having high fever and now cough ,
Aden a bit better can take in more milk but still cough badly and sometime vomit out all the milk .
Brandon have 2 days high fever and recover and go back to school yesterday .
he had a skol party yesterday ,
he don't know he went to school at 8.15am and return in 10 min and tell me I got to bake mini cup cake cos is skol party so .....:(
yesterday is my terrible day sleepless night then got up 7am, becos Aden now a day wanted to watch tv when he wake in the morning, bring him down to the living room so he can join his brother to watch tv .
all gone to skol and I start to bake cake at 9am and finish by 10am and get ready to brign all those cup to skol for Brandon party .
then when steph came back from skol she tell me she is not well too !
all got it now,
so today she not go to skol and Derek also not very well .....
next will be me or oliver
this weekend got to go to visit my brother in law Adrew and mum in law and steve and we all have flu ...
I wonder ..... is that ok not go cos Andrew had a baby girl who only 8 weeks old
I really don't want to pass the flu to her and litle jamin
holy holy holy
wat can I do now cos this weekend is a family celebr xmas at my bro in law home cos we all wouldn't be going to Devon for xams this years !

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Barbara said...

Poor Pearly,
You really need a Doctor to see the whole family.
No;I hope that it won't ruin Xmas for your children.

You hang on & be strong.