Friday, December 12, 2008

ADEN come with a bad FLU

Poor Aden he been wake every 2 hour and cry and cry
cos his noise is block and cough
can't get milk in cos he can't take it with a block noise
so I give him 2oz every 2hour
have sleepless night and need to sleep in the living room with him cos I would n't want to wake up hubby
cos his work got to drive long hour so let him have his rest
me and Aden sleep in the living room and I got to cuddle him
to sleep up right so he can breath in better .
his flu is all thank to one of my Freaking friend who herself is a NURSE holy f$£&*(&&^
we have a coffer morning last Wednesday at my best pal home ,, this friend is my best pal girlfriend she is poorly with a very bad flu virus and her daughter too .
there both come it and I a bit stay away cos I really don't want Aden to get the flu but she insist to give Aden a cuddle , I am LIKE this :@
I just pray and hope Aden wouldn't get the virus
he start not well on Monday morning .....
and today this morning he vomit all his milk out
and cry and cry
I am soooo tire I am so pissss off with my so call F£$%^@k friend .
each time I see my Aden cry and vomit out all the milk and cough and can't breath
I hope is me the one who had the Flu not him
POor little one
all my mistake should stop the stupid cow to cuddle him to start with .
just got to bring him to see DR today hope there can give him something today is weekend must get him see a Dr or els weekend kick in and no Dr around
is NHS for you


Salt N Turmeric said...

poor Aden! I hope he'l get well soon. And you too Pearly, try to get some rest eventho Im sure its hard. *hugs*

ICook4Fun said...

ooohh...poor Aden. I hope he will be will soon. Your friend is really bad. She should have stay away from everyone especially young children when she is sick!

Moonlight_tears said...

poor baby!!! Poor mommy. I hope Aden gets well soon so you both can get some peaceful sleep. Hopefully he start drinking milk per normal again. It's so sad to see little baby sick or suffer in pain. You are a good mommy, you will rather be sick than letting your baby sick. Guess every mommy are like that.
Your friend is really shitty, she should know the first rule, plus she is a nurse, never cuddle or kiss anybody's baby without permission. Never kiss or cuddle any baby when herself is sick. And never let herself and her daughter out of the house when they both have flu. It's so contagious. Stupid stupid her!!! SO you managed to bring him to doctor? Really pray that he get well soon....Pls take good care of yourself too....
Hugs, Nicole

adrian said...

Oh gosh. I hope he gets well soon.

Rose said...

Oh dear! I hope Aden is getting well soon! It is very difficult to look after a sick baby! and Aden must not be feeling comfortable too!! Just make sure he doesnt get too much cold, i.e. air con etc.

Btw, I have a tag for you! Feel free to do it when you do!

dawn said...

Pearly, I feel bad for you and Aden. That so called nurse she is!!!

Hey I'm hoping the sling will help you. Tuck Aden in with the sling on you and keep him warm that way! :D

Let me know how it works and it was a pleasure to make them.

Take care, Pearly.

Barbara said...

Poor Aden and yes poor Pearly.
I'm so sorry to hear that your darling is sick.
I hope that you find an available MD; I just hate to see little ones suffer like this.

Stay strong honey.
Pls give us an update to let us know how things are going.





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