Sunday, December 07, 2008


WE find out this is wat Aden like when he very bore
becos is winter now
and so cold I hate to go out
ADEN do love so fresh air
sometime I push him out the garden in his pushchair
but some time he is very happy to just lying on top
of the sofa and view outside
he can stay like this for an hour
and talk to himself
he is a well funny baby .
he love to talk
especially he see his daddy
he can chat with his daddy long time
I think he more DADDY BOY !


Moonlight_tears said...

Happy Birthday my dear!!! Hope you have a great birthday...
Aden is such a good baby, such an east going baby. Yeah he certainly looked bored in that pic......hahah
wait for spring time, it will be a fun time for me ...
Hugs and love...
PS. Nicholas wish you a happy Birthday too, too bad he can't say that yet..a hug and birthday kiss will do for now...
Pls. take care.....

dawn said...

Happy birthday, Pearly! Dec 7, Pearl Harbor baby. Is that why you were named Pearly?

No snow over at your place? Still look so green. IT's not green here anymore - all white!

Take care, sweetie!

Rose said...

Wow! already a talkative bb at such age?

Nux V said...

hmmn....aden can talk? wow!