Wednesday, February 14, 2007

UK bottom of child well-being table

The news from last night and now everyone talking about it , the UNICHEF had compare with 21 country and USA and UK is on the bottom and Holland is on the top 1 .
everyone start to ask the question is that the government or the parent ,as for me I think is both , why ??????????????????
Let me tell you wat my thought , as I living in Holland be4 and now living in UK AND Seeing how parent behave in UK and Holland , start I would say is the government why , there tax all those mid class so much and no benefit to them exec tax and most of the parent is too busy to work more and earn more to rising the kids and there don't see much of their kids , early in the morning bring them to the nursery and drop kids there and collent it after work around 6pm, then there feel so sorry for the kids and start to buy thing but then kids don't need all the top toy there need t mum and dad , there would love to have mum and dad to be with them ,but those parent can;t do that becos need to work hard to pay the house and tax had gone half of it , in the way off stop work no income work hard tax more ......wat can we do as a working midcalss parent ?
Now in Holland government want parent to stay together to have family life and government look after everyone < there don't have class like UK every one in Holland is equal .
government don't advise parent to work more than 40 hour and also the more you like to work the more tax you going to be tax especial working during weekend so ppl would rather to stay back and have a family weekend, the dutch really know how to enjoy there family life giving by the government , each year during summer time government will give back some tax money but it call holiday money to the ppl to allow them to go holiday themselves or family also when mum out to work there got help to pay some off the feed is giving to all class not only for the single parent like UK . it mean Marris couple have more help by the government so there have some call family life ,kids living in such a evoiromnet with mum and dad and happy parent don't have to work so hard enough money , there stay together this is wat kids need a happy family ,this same as Sweden and Switzerland .

IN ENGLAND since TONY THE BUSH DOGGY take over, there only care more is those single mum and there would pay lot of money and benefit to them there once my daughter 11 years she turn around to say to my sister in law Jo , why don't you make yourself prenacy and you will live better then now, you will be giving a free house and money , just IMG a 11 years old can think like this wat about the rest of the country the marry couple is better of to divorce than live together .

so who's fault is this the parent or the LAB government .

I don't like UK wateven you think of me , THE GREAT NEDERLAND cos everyone need a govemnet who lister to wat there need .


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