Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Think about CNY and it make me started to miss home in Malaysia , do wish to bring my kids back home to show them our Chinese how there celebrate there new year in the real way , but then huh just went back last year for Janice wedding can't be able to fly back with the 5 of us , so Derek say let get down to ORIENT CITY to show the kids a little of the fun of CNY , so we went and along we invite my friend Agnes and mark and Stephanie to come along , as for Agnes she is a very English of Malaysia Chinese becos she been in UK for so long she nearly miss touch of the Chinese way of live hehhehhe.
as for mark he is a very lovely men he in love with Agnes and start to enjoy the Chinese way of ife I guess < right ? > Stephanie is the same as my steph green , very BBC/E. so there are same age and between of them there birthday is just a week . there are having some fun of having some ice cream . have a god look of all those ice cream smoothie ice kacang we had ,can't supply lot of food picture becos mark didn't snap every meal here only a few.

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