Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Having a terrible time

I have been so busy study my car theory lesson so I can do my car test to get a English driving license , all this hard work for the pass few week .I pass my theory test on the 12 Oct 2006 , I cry my eyes out when I saw my test back and write down PASS .So now the next thing must do it to pass my driving test well MAY GOD BLESS ME . I need a FOUR LEAF clove bring me good luck.
Very busy with work too cos my stupid assitant had hurt her back for the pass 3 week so I have been busy working on my own and working for 2 ppl job and pay as one .
so tire each day come back from work and just wanted to sleep but can't need to look after the other baby at home to cook and to wash too, not only this also got to go out to learn to driving to get ready for my car test . Need to book it soon la .
this is my luck in 2006 so old go for a stupid car test after all this year been driving . Stupid England hate it so much, love to be back to Holland .Wish One day I will go back to HOLLAND for good .
wish you all good luck and a very happy birthday to you my darling sister Wendy on the 25 Oct 2006 . I have got you a present but how to send to you ?????Please call me .
love from US to WENDY we wish you a very happy birthday xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Wennnn said...

Thank U!! Wish U luck in ur driving exam la!!!!

pearly said...

by the way my driving test date is felf on my birthday date oh my god low .

janicepa said...

it gonna be fine !! dun worry..

SixzFun* said...

jia you.....!!!!