Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Sick leave !!!!!!!

I have look into my beloved sis wen blog and find she is very up sad about the F@@King manager tell her off becos she is ill .
well Let me and brother derek tell you YOUR right in UK also you may tell you F@@king Manager she /he will get in trouble if he /she don't allow you to be sick after all you are not illegar in UK also you have been paying tax , also you have been working this company for so many years now you have a contrant to work in this restrant which pay the right tax you have all the right of a English person .
if he /she give you any trouble you can remind he /she that you have the working /sick right if he /she don't belief tell them to look into the CAB <> he /she will find out wat kind of trouble there can be end up, if you take he/she in the clear up .
don't be scare of them as long as you know you right you have all the employee right don't get up sad . Tell them your right you are no longer illegar and don't let them push you around .
tell them to look into here and yourself too. you wouldn't be upset each time you not well to go to work , cos sick is sick there still got to pay you after 3 days as a stutut sick leave is the stase pay back to the company if you sick there get their tax back the end of the year.
please look into here to all the ppl who so scare of there boss .


I know this law inside out I always chaglland my bosses .
as long as you know your right you are so safe . REMEMBER
here is ENGLAND not MALAYSIA .

love you all
take care my Beloved sister we thinking of you .
copy and paster the web side out to show the asssssssssson
about your right that will shit his fat mouth don't be scare if he fire you he is in trouble more than you .
wen be strong stand up for your right ok . tell the assso who even he /she is if there don't know the law please go home and study or pick their bag home to the place there from .

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