Sunday, November 12, 2006

You can see winter is arrive to ENGLAND

Well life is suck fro me the pass few mouth , so dam bad luck since I am back from Malaysia nothing is been smooth don't understand why , all this years I never go to see forture teller this time I am so KY POH to visit my cousin brother and he told me I will have lot of bad luck come to me soon so then I having one and another keep coming after me , I'm sometime just feel like so shit I like to jump from the height place and just don't wan to face them anymore .This early week on thuerday Derek say he is not well so I got to bring steph and Brandon to school becos Oliver also not well he had a upset Tommi whole night didn't get to sleep myself too cos I got to keep an eyes on Oliver too . So I bring steph to school first then drop of Brandon but the dam triffer is so bad on thurday everywhere is just block up so I went to the back road try to get from there to work then enter to the dam round about I was so careful driving around but there a jam so I slowly stop then I hear a big BAAA behid me my dam car kena hit by a stupid blond lady . So we park a side and exchange Tel no and I told her I will clamp from her insurance , then I went back to the car I thought to myself shit I will get told off very badly how am I going to face Derek . As my exp he was tell me off so bad , I am so angry, I tell my self I wish I had never come back home anymore I thought when I leave my mum and dad when I am 16 I don't have to Lester to anyone to tell me wat to do and this and that ,, now I had end up with a hubby then not my hubby is more like my mum in fact he is more terrible then my mum cos I can tell my mum to shout up when I had enoght but not to Derek , that is why I am not feeling very happy with myself lately , just wish I can just walk out of the home and go to somewhere I don't have to think about anybody to everybody , just myself ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but can I do it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,