Friday, September 16, 2011

Home make Nasi Lemah with curry chicken

Nasi lemah
this week I have 4 days holiday
becos of the driving test
I got a few day
relax and get ready for the test
also the same time try to catch up with all my
coffer morning girls friend
Evelyn is a very dear friend of mine
she was saying really miss Nasi lemah
same same from me too
so I say to her since is my holiday
I will cook some nasi lemah for her and family and myself too
so here is wat I cook first

Chicken curry
Penang style
one whole chicken cut into small peace
3 potato cut in cube then deep fry it ready to use
red chili 10
onion garlic few
balanchen 2 tsp
all put into blended into a paste
ready to fry with Olive oil
fry for 10 min
add one bag of penang paste extra
add in chicken fry for 10min
add in the potato cube
fry for another 10 min
cover to steam for 10 min
add in a tin of coconut
one diner done

my sambal dry prawn
ready to fry along with ikah perlis

and eat together with the coconut milk rice

thank god everyone enjoy every bit of this

also don't forget to boil some egg too

dessert after .. ice cream

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