Friday, March 19, 2010

up date for my friend in Japan

well I receive a email from a very dear friend Yuki from JAPAN
she wrote ...
I haven't up date my blog and the last blog she read was
I am on my moody mood I guess she kind of worry

well ! My dear Yuki, we all fine and well
we have been very busy ...
as for me I am busy on my Face book with the farmville
also busy with few out about cooking for party and cooking for the warehouse promotion
as for Hubby
he is busy re make the shower en suit and bath room also my bed room too
the next time you back for a visit you will be surprise how much it had charge :P

as for the little ADEN you can see the above Picture he had grown
and the below picture
is the new shower room :P

Aden is getting better to eat on his own


Rose said...

Busy family!! :)

Dawn said...

Love the newly furbished hotel! :) Aden is tall!

Chen said...

Your son is so adorable..cherish cherish..he is really gifted from God.