Saturday, July 04, 2009

little UP date


try to walk

this little one is getting very cheeky
he Clim up and down
yesterday he had his first 4 step at the nursery
my boss run to the kitchen to tell me
wouldn't be long he will be walking every way

just stand up the sofa
he love to look at the garden
see his big brother play football at the garden

does he look cool with the sun glass on ????


adrianlee said...

Fuyoh.. can climb up the sofa summore! :)

Kids grow up so fast.

Rose said...

I just cant help myself but love little Aden. He is so cute.....going to be a handsome lad when he grows up!!!

Barbara said...

Hi Pearly,

That boy is growing so fast !! Strong and healthy and yes, he will be walking soon. Then just watch him !

I know you are busy. Your blog makeover looks really pretty too.If you go to FB, you will find a request from me too. You will recognize my pic.

Take care honey.

janice said...

omg.. climbing up the sofa already ...

aiyah nonya said...

Wah.... you must keep an eye on him more often now.

Don't you wish that he remains a baby ? :)

Salt N Turmeric said...

he's already standing and climbing!! oh my. seem like he was only born a few weeks ago! lol.

pearly said...

hi Adrian :
Oh yes! like looking after a cow .
that why now a day I really no time to sit to relax myself

pearly said...

Rose dear :

soon you will also have one like Aden I can't wait to see the little one of yours :)
when is the big date ?

pearly said...

hi my dear dear Barbara :
Oh yes I have add u to my FB thank you for add me to You FB too .
oh yes now a day I have no time for myself he is like a little monkey gosh I am so tire everyday after work and back to look after this little
he can walk now :(
you take care and will pop around to your FB to have a good look

pearly said...

Jan sis
so sorry miss ErvIn birthday now a day I got time to die no time to sleep so busy with work and home and this week I going to have 3 Chinese kids to stay with us for 2 weeks busy busy all the time

pearly said...

hi mae dear :
now a day is like looking after COW .
I am so tire so wish to have a fairly god mother can give me a good nice sleep without baby wake every 2/3 hours

pearly said...

hi dear Farina :
he grown so fast time pass like no time gosh! he is walking now