Monday, July 13, 2009

Aden now can walk

Aden is 10 mouths plus
he can walk not very fast but some time still very lazy and will return to crawl
he getting very cheeky each day
he understand lot now he can understand chines when I scold him when he naughty
he even try to copy us when we call step Oliver Brandon
he wive to say good bye and blow flying kiss
he will play with us copy whatever we do to him he will copy to do it back to us
he is a very cheeky baby
we find out he love his pony
hubby bought him a rocking pony he just love this pony so much will *SAYANG THE PONY *


adrianlee said...

Its fun to watch ur own son grow up day by day isn't it? Of course its tiring as well. :)

Sasha said...

Pearly!!!!!!! he's so so cute!

and he screams like JUSTIN too! goodness my ears going deaf already!

He's very good la can walk so steady already. Like a champion. And the way he crawls is super fast. Justin is doing the slow motion crawl. He's so lazy la hahhaha

Barbara said...

Awwwhhh !
You will ge there Aden !
He's beautiful. When he's ready he will really start walking.

BTW, you are tagged for a food meme on my blog ;)


Rose said...

Aden is very cute. he is growing up fast, Pearly.