Sunday, May 24, 2009

I am back in action............

Yes ! I am back in action .
Hubby away to Holland for work ...
as for me I am having my one week holiday start from .....
next week but today I looking out the window
I can't stand all those Grass so long...
I went out to tidy so next week I can just chill in the garden and not bother

To Be honest I kind of enjoy cutting the grass ...
Now I know .. WHY MEN LIKE TO TELL THE WIVE ... I am going to tidy the garden
is kind of get out ...... from all those noise... wive and kids ..
I really feel this way when I 'm cutting the grass ,, I feel so peaceful and relax
the only thing in my mind is the motor running and I can only smell the lovely green grass not baby pooo and sick baby milk :P ,
it feel so nice
no baby crying no .... angry of the other 3 monkey not helping me with Aden ......
well ...
Today I really work very hard after I finish our back garden and I am going to do the front garden......
Guess ....? who offer help me to finish it the front garden ?
the only one who will work .......


This year ............. I also do up lot of hanging basket and pot flower
I have stop for the pass 3 years
this years I got lot of cheap offer bedding
it time
make my lazy bone work hard
all those lovely flower still a baby ...
soon I can be proud to post my flower basket :P


My daring son ..
he come out to help me today and when he saw I finish the back garden he say to me he will help me to do the front garden
he do a very good job
well done darling xxxxx
OLIVER also come out to help to pull those grass out
now the front and the back garden look very tidy
I also do up a few more basket today
now the whole house full of flower basket
and pot plants ...
my front garden now very tidy
Aden also enjoy lot of sun and play around the garden today
steph babysit Aden when we all out in the garden work
everyone got a JOB :)


janice said...

ahakz.. the only one who will work.. .. my boy !!..

Sasha said...

al yr kids so nice la. One help to pull grass, one help to move the lawn. one help to take care of baby. And of course baby also work byt being cute. hehe

Dawn said...

hahaha, that's what kids are for, help out with chores. It's was great chatting with you yesterday, Pearly! :)

Salt N Turmeric said...

You have a very pretty lawn Pearly. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Nice house...great kids. Great mother.