Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Every women dream .... A home is a women heart from one bedroom to 6 bedroom big home *if you lucky*
I think out there most of a couple work very hard for it.
Home is not only build by one personal Home is build up together .

WHY and WAT I am talking about ??
Yes ! Today I receive a text from some ONE ....
saying *I am pathetic I always make out as a Victim *
I have a lovey 4 bedroom home 4 gorgeous kids a husband that loves and provides for me and a family *Bend over backwards for me and I complain I am INVISIBLE .
she say .... *YOU ARE LUCKY!*
There are so many people that would kill to have that, she is trying the hardest to have a nice home and kids etc.......
so ... pearly just be thankful for what you have and stop try to find problem .

This make me very very up sad and cross ......@( .
I am very thankful wat I have , I also very THANKFUL wat my husband who always stand by me , support me when I need him he is there for me .
I also thankful that I have giving 4 good kids.
But I never think I am a victim .
I am piss off when some time .... lot of thing is make up by people around us , make our life problem , self invite themselves to our home bossy around us wat to do, telling us how to bring kids up ... * when she had non of her own * the best for our kids etc......
As a wive plus mother, I'm trying my best to give and understand my family but sometime women do have her moment doesn't mean a victim or feel sorry for myself , it does .... me and hubby long gone divorce but we still stay strong and together for the pass 15 years .
I am sorry to say ........ HELLO DEAR our home sweet home is not only hubby work I also work my ass out , me and hubby work very hard *FOR OUR HOME* .
having a lovely home NOT ONLY the husband provides ONLY.
I non stop working after Brandon born been a cleaner in the morning and work in the restaurant during the evening, no help wat so ever from anyone from the family, becos everyone have their live,we can't sit and wait for help all the time, I never complain about this, also never expect help from anyone . my kids my family my problem deal with it .
so PLEASE don't give me the CRAP.
when my 3 KIDS young , hubby don't earn lot so when Bondon one mouth old ,I kick my ass out to work in the restaurant during evening 3/4 night a week to earn some money , so I can help to pay for the food weekly for the family , sleepless night with baby the next day still go to work .
Now with ADEN I kick my ass out to work early instant off for half a years to 9 mouths and GET THE LITTLE MONEY FROM benefit .becos I can earn more money by working early instant of sit my big ass at home WHO DON'T WISH TO PLAY BABY AT HOME , if we can !
sorry we can't at this moment in time .
This time I am lucky then I work at a place who give me 50 % discount on my childcare cost . if not I will be end up working night, so hubby can look after baby after work like we use to never see each other no weekend family out ............... .*JUST WORK FOR ME *
we wouldn't be able to pay for childcare cost with the full price .
BUT I also work hard to provides everything for our family .
so please my dear don't open the gob and tell me I should be greatful .
you want a home a nice home with kids ..... get your ass out to work harder not sit home and feel sorry for yourself and tell people how to run their life .
I am so PISS OFF and angry after read her text .
who she think ...... telling me like this ...



Salt N Turmeric said...

Poor Pearly. Some ppl just don't understand how tired a working mom can be. I dontv any kids yet but i know its not easy esp when you're not filthy rich. Maybe that commenter is married to a rich husband and have help or maybe she is not married. Who knows.

There's nothing wrong in letting off some steam. It's better than keeping it in you and then blow it up on your kids or husband.

simmie said...

Pearly, don't let that text get to you. It shows how little that person knows you. You are a great mother and wife!