Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stew mince Pork with potato bake bean top up with fry Egg

This is a lazy dinner when you come back from work
so tire with all the walking and waiting for bus
last time in your mind is cook for the whole family Again
so here
is a simple disher to cook and in 30 min

800g pack of mince pork
3 potato cut in small cube
3 fresh tomato cut in cube
one onion fine chop
2 carrot thin slices
one stick of celery fine chop
one tin of bake Bean

fry the onion til light brown
add in mince pork
fry still light brown
add in tomato carrot celery
add a table spoon of oyster sauce and small tsp of dark soy sauce
to fry then add in the cube potato
simmer for about 15 min add in the bake bean
boil rice get ready for the dish er
and fry 2 egg ready to serve
fast and easy for busy mum

Have a gud day every one
is Sunday for me today
tonight dinner for my family
will be
Roast chicken with roast potato and Yorkshire pudding veg


2crazydogs said...

Simple dinner dish that i love but the mat salleh of mine don't like it!! Vomit blood!!!

pearly said...

hey Dawn :
this disher all Anh moo will love it is like a potato stew justwish mince and fry egg , my hubby like this sometime he will req for it it easy for me after work just a 30min cooking and diner serve

Rose said...

Hi Pearly! Nice meal you cooked. I would do the same after a long day at work! :p

pearly said...

hey Rose : thank for drop by yeah ometime so tire and there 6 ppl waitting for diner got to be fast and easy :(((

janice said...

where is my Yorkshire recepi ha ???

pearly said...

jan wait la may be this weekend la ok !

grohon said...

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