Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another Family party is comming soon at my in law home

It been a long time we have a family Gathering
the first one is on 2005
Jan My beloved sis first time visit England
look at her so young and funny
after 4 years .......
everyone is change ....
now ...
we need more chair and the view will be large
cos my brother in law Andy have 2 Kids plus with his partner
and us we have ADEN ... Incl :)
Our Steven big brother of Derek had find his true LOVE from Spain and she is a lovely lady
am so happy for the both of them .
also our younger baby sis Joana have also find her true love
well !it will be a great family party cos Aunt Kathy and her family will come for this party
her family also had grown .
all those cousin and lot of kids will get to meet up .
but one personal not her :(
My beloved sis Jan..
she also had change if she arrive will be .......4 of them she also now have extra 2 kids :)

HEY my darling JAN if you read this .......
WE will MISS YOU IN the next Picture in DEVON.....

1 comment:

janice said...

hahahaha.. i wish i can be there too.. boy i miss DEVON too.. and you guys !!!.. yup.. we have GROWN.. hahaha..